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Editor's Note: In July 2005, 4marks published Heidi & Glenn's original success story, A Series of Fortunate Events. Heidi graciously provided an update on their marriage and generously offered more reflections and memories on how it all came to pass, in the hopes of helping continue to light the path for others that will follow in it. 

My beloved, Glenn-100711 (aka Cariad) and I finally married on June 24, 2006, the feast day of St. John the Baptist. As it would so happen, it rained buckets during the reception! It is unlikely that we'd have met each other without the blessing that is Catholic Match. I thank and praise God for Catholic Match. Not only did it give me a place to grow as a Catholic in Christ, it also gave me a place to meet friends with like minds and spirituality, and within there I met my dearest friend and beloved cariad, my husband, Glenn.


When we first met on Catholic Match, things progressed quickly from email to phone calls. We emailed each other several times a day that first week. About two weeks after our first email contact, Glenn made the first call to me. Boy, was he nervous!!! However, it was easy to speak to him and I felt like I'd known him just forever! We covered a lot of ground on that first night of calling, and we stayed in contact by phone almost daily from that time onward. As life continued, the length of calls shortened, due to the demands of work and family, but the calls remained constant. We also called each other multiple times a day. After we met in mid-June for the first time, that we didn't use CM mail so much. We used private email from that time forward. Glenn regularly used the emotigram feature to send me a hug, a flower bouquet, etc, and I did the same for him.

One call I remember in particular is in May of 2005. I was considering participating in some kind of May "get to know them" thing. I wish I could remember what it was called…May Madness? The idea was to be paired with an eligible single of the opposite sex. get to know that person, and maybe hit it off. I had already submitted my name before really getting to know Glenn. By the time pairings were about to start, I had developed a conviction to call Glenn and ask if he wanted me to participate, or if he wished to just keep it between himself and me, outside of the "May Madness" activity. He indicated he didn't want me to participate in the May Madness, so we made it exclusively between ourselves.

Some of the most memorable events of our courtship include the trip Glenn, the kids and I all took to Niagara Falls at the start of our courtship. I remember viewing the Falls from a room many stories above the ground and it was just breathtaking. With Glenn standing nearby, I felt like such a princess.

Much of our courtship time was spent in the presence of others. It was like having a constant chaperone, either with Glenn's parents nearby, or the kids nearby. Thus, some of our most interesting memories include other people being with us, rather than things we did just as a couple. Once kids are there, there is just not that kind of time to do things just as a couple!

At any rate, another memorable event is the time we were visiting Glenn and his son during the spring. It was the last visit we had before being married, if I remember correctly. We took the kids to the local museum of cowboy history. We really had a blast, and the kids STILL talk about it to this day. We made a "log cabin" with foam logs, "rode a bull", put on chaps and other cowboy garments and just had a blast. Glenn and I really enjoyed looking at all the artwork relating to the cowboy history. We finished the evening with a night at Incredible Pizza, a local Chucky Cheese-type family pizza chain, but with an amusement arcade that all ages can enjoy. Glenn and I held hands while we watched the kids play miniature golf.

Another really fun time was T.J.'s first birthday party with all five of us together. It was in December 2005, our first Christmas together, while we were engaged. Glenn hired a clown, who told stories that enthralled even the adults! She twisted balloons into dragons for the children and we all threw the balloons at each other, even the adults. Even though it was cold outside, the children chased the goats and the dogs and I got to know some of Glenn's closest friends, including his best man. My daughters remembered this because it was their first Oklahoma snow, even though it didn't stick.

I can't begin to enumerate the number of moments of merriment Glenn had at my expense. I can have some terrible hearing when I'm in a crowded room, or even just between me and Glenn. Many were the times he said something and I heard it the absolutely wrong way…much to my embarrassment. I wish I could remember particulars. Between the two of us, these probably provided some of our most hilarious private moments of laughter. It continues to be so today. Glenn lovingly calls me his "court jester"!

To others, we simply offer this–Put God first in all you do. Make sure your propsective beloved is also putting God first. Make your lives Christ-centered. Be open to how God uses the different gifts and abilities you EACH have for His glory.

I didn't go looking for love. Neither did Glenn. It found us. Take heart and realize that some go after their loves and they find it. Some of us don't go looking, and love finds us. It's ok to be proactive in the "seeking" part. Just make sure that it is not an idol in your life.


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    God bless you for sharing!

  2. Luz-38341 January 23, 2008 Reply

    It´s wonderful the God´s plan for you. God bless you for sharing with us. It help me so much and feel happy for the blessings of God for each one!
    Congratulations Heidi and Gleen. Pray for each us, please. 🙂 And stand my prayers as well!

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