The Spirit of Christmas: CM DC


In a year predicted to have a lot of foreclosures, it almost happened on CM. It all began with a reunion planned seven months in advance, but almost didn’t take place.

When the second CM DC: Christmas in the Capitol was in the works, the original planner had to back out for personal reasons. However, her partner from the event, who originally planned on keeping her Christmas calendar free, was able to step in and take over.

This is that story.

About four months into planning the CM DC event, over fifty people had signed up. By the time the day rolled around, there were over ninety interested parties. Of course, not everyone was expected to make it, especially with the threat of inclement weather, but the numbers were a daunting prospect. With activities such as a visit to the home of the first president of the United States, a night walk in Georgetown, seeing the location for movies such as The Exorcist (the staircase) and St. Elmo’s Fire (the bar), seeing Katharine Hepburn’s Academy Awards and having a Colonial dining experience, it was truly an activity packed weekend.

Things worked out really well despite the threat of snow. First to arrive were two lovely young ladies from Texas and North Carolina, who had been friends for several years before coming together on CM. Then there was a vibrant New Yorker who attended the first Christmas in the Capitol and enjoyed it so much, she went back for seconds. A funny and pun-ny Virginian. A gracious broadcaster. A man who left after he couldn’t find parking. A couple of men who helped tour the group. Some gentle and witty ladies. The farthest participant was a gentleman who came from California. There was also a wonderful lady from Maine who always advised every woman on the forums to “give the guy a chance.” And a man who wasn’t even from CM and was there to lend moral support to the event organizer but came away with more than he expected. These were but a few of the people who came to the event and made it significantly meaningful.

After Mass at St. Matthew’s Cathedral, the group went on to eat at a hamburger restaurant unique to the DC area. There everyone stayed until the group grew to twice its original size, eating, drinking and laughing a lot. Some comparisons were made regarding the various experiences on CM with regards to dating and interacting with friends on the forums. One person claimed that all some people did on CM was to window shop. Others had more success in the realization that despite whatever their original intention was in joining CM, they quickly found out that there was so much more in terms of what can be learned from others.

A walk to Georgetown University helped to lighten full stomachs and create a spirit of camaraderie among the group members. From historic streets and beautiful homes, Georgetown and the university that gave birth to the area were just breathtaking in the moonlight. There is an old joke that the reason why the politicians on Capitol Hill were nervous about Catholics was because the cannons stationed at Georgetown University was pointed in their direction.

The next day brought about the hardy ones, as there was a forecast of snow for the day. Participants still went around visiting Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington and had a fantastic lunch at Gadsby’s Tavern, an authentic colonial restaurant. The afternoon brought about a tour of the American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery in Chinatown. Lastly was a long dinner at Matchbox, a gourmet restaurant. The walk to see the National Christmas Tree had to be cancelled because of the weather but everyone had fun nonetheless.

The last day brought about choral mass at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. The participants occupied four adjoined tables at the cafeteria afterwards for some spirited sharing. Lunch ended with an exchange of gift ornaments which left everyone pleased.

CM is not just about finding a significant other. CM is all about relationships and how we nurture them. And the best way to do this…is to create memories with our friends. 🙂


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