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Introduction: I am SheilaMay-41679. I would like to share to you the love story or my friend Lou-41702. As she is no longer under subscription with CM, I volunteered to post her success story. I was actually the one who introduced her to CM, so I'm really very happy that finally she is married with Clint, a very nice guy from Minnesota. Here is her story… 

I am Lou-41702, from the Philippines and was a member of Catholic Match in 2006. I was 39 years old then, and had never been married. It was at CM that I met my husband Clint.

A friend told me about CM, and when I posted my profile I didn't think that something positive would happend. At that time, CM was just a venue for me to check profiles and see what other singles from across the world look for, how they see their faith and how it affects their search for a mate. It was just plain curiousity for me.

After a year, and a couple of interests from other members, Clint started sending me emotigrams and messages. At first I didn't take him seriously. Then his messages started to get longer and he started telling me about his life, his views and his feelings. He really wanted to get to know about me, as he liked what he saw and read in my profile. After two weeks of getting messages from him every day, with his persistence, I decided to reply to him. And that was the start of a long distance relationship. Between emails, weekly phone calls, and visits from him, I came to know and fell in love with the man.

In September 2007, I finally joined him in the U.S. and am now happily married to him. This I have my friend and CM to thank for, and of course, most especially to our Lord God who answered my prayer.


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  1. Cecilia-268283 February 18, 2008 Reply

    This is a nice story! How much God has blessed her in her life! Congrats!

  2. Lucy-100859 February 5, 2008 Reply

    This is really an inspiring story, i am from Papua New Guinea in the Pacific Islands and did get intouch with someone in South America but it died out due to the distance or maybe he found someone else close to his own country.

  3. SandraMaria-234871 February 3, 2008 Reply

    That beautiful story. It is a good testimony for those of us who are foreigners and are seeking someone special in our life.

  4. Maria-251005 February 3, 2008 Reply

    Long Distance Relationships do exist, do work and do end up in happiness under God's hand, in His time. Congratulations on your success, and may God bless you with eternal happiness.

  5. Angelina-273146 February 2, 2008 Reply

    Very inspiring indeed! I have joined CM since Sept. 2007 and still searching. 'hope God will also bless me with someone worth growing old with. God bless always!

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