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Britt, a gentleman and kind soul captured my heart from the moment I met him face-to-face on 12/15/06. His presence brought me inner peace that keeps flowing day by day. When I first encountered Britt I did not think that our relationship was going to grow into what it came to be. I thought that he was only going to be one more friend on my list. I was cautious about relating to him, not sure where our relationship was headed.

Prior to writing to Britt, I prayed that the day I met the man I would one day marry, I would have a sign from God. How many of us prayed for such a sign? I got mine answered. I prayed for peace, joy and comfort as we related to each other. But the first impression I had of Britt came when I first encountered his profile in the beginning of the 2006, after reading one of his posts in the forums. My first impression was “He is mean.” He did not seem to care what others thought, and expressed himself quite freely in his post.

This interested me, because I knew he would be honest and straightforward. I read his profile–what a difference to the words he wrote in the forum! I saw in him warmth, kindness and humility, and it brought peace to my inner soul. Peace. However, I did not write to him, for I thought that he would not want to be my friend. I saved his profile, hoping that he would notice me.

Several months passed, I received and sent emotigrams in response to others. My soul was not at peace with any of those CM members though they were very nice gentlemen.

Then one day, after viewing his profile once more, I got an emotigram. It read, “You seem like a wonderful lady.” I was thrilled–both because he wrote and he called me a lady. It took me a while before I responded, because I was not sure how to approach him. Do I just say thank you or do you want to be my friend, or both? Well, I sent him an emotigram asking him if he would like to be my friend. Since that point forward, we have been inseparable.

Britt and I make a perfect match. Thank you CM for the work that you do, and continue to do by God’s inspiration, bringing faithful Catholics to the sacrament of marriage.


It was the 31st of July 2006, when I was browsed once again by the most beautiful Latina to have ever crossed my path on CM. This time, I took quite sometime to read over and admire her profile. This was the first time that I had read a profile that grabbed me so profusely. So I sent off an emotigram, and followed that up with an email on the 2nd of August.

That began a long slew of daily e-mails for over two months. We started talking on the phone in October, after making arrangements in September for a face-to-face in December. Yes, we tend to do things backwards, but for us it has been a blessing to do what we feel at the moment, rather than to think for too long about what it could be or not.

I had never planned on moving to California, but our F2F on December 15th sealed what I thought all along from our emails and phone conversations. To fall in love with the soul of a person before the actual meeting is a wonderful thing. To find the one person that was reserved for us is what we all would like in life.

Our second F2F was in February 2007, and by that time it was getting harder to live 2051.31 miles apart. I had already been looking for jobs and received a firm offer near the end of February. I made the necessary arrangements, and moved to California over Easter weekend. I haven’t regretted the decision since. We’re now engaged and are busy planning for a September 2008 wedding.”

We cordially thank CM for serving as the means for bringing us together. We would also like to encourage all singles on this site to continue in your journey that the Lord has prepared for them. Faith is a wonderful thing, especially in action–Fe y Accion !

May the Blessings of Christ be with you always!


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  1. Tracy-57589 March 19, 2008 Reply

    Yeah Britt and Monica!!!! Congrats on your up and coming wedding! I've always wondered how you were doing. SO Happy to see you have found a great woman to spend your life with! God's Blessings to you both!! HUG!!

  2. Megan-21150 March 6, 2008 Reply

    Britt, I am so happy for you! Will be praying for you both. I always wondered what had happened to you… now I know. 🙂

  3. Patty-248670 March 3, 2008 Reply

    Thanks for the truly inspiring story. Best of God's blessings on your union and everything He has to offer the both of you! Congrats!

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