Friend of a Friend


Ours isn't a typical Catholic Match story, but I wanted to write and
thank you for your website, because it was the instrument God chose to
introduce us, even though it wasn't in the usual way!

(Elizabeth) knew I was called to marriage, but after I graduated from a
Catholic college it was tough meeting good Catholic men my age!  I
joined Catholic Match after a long discernment process.  I courted one
man from CM, but it didn't work out.  Still, I knew God had a plan.  I
met a CM member online who was only an hour away, and we realized we'd
both be at the Christopher West talk in his hometown of Topeka that
same week.  We met in person after the talk, but we were so similar in
temperament I knew there was no way we'd work as a couple.  Then, on
February 3, 2007, I ran into the same CM member at a Holy Hour in
Atchison, where I was living.  On the steps of St. Benedict's Abbey, he
introduced me to his friend, Paul, who also lived in Topeka; they'd
driven about 50 miles to come to this Holy Hour!  We met up with my
roommate, and we spent the next six hours talking together.  Paul and
his friend came back the next Saturday, and we talked for six more
hours… Paul asked for my phone number at the end of that evening, and
soon after we were courting!  He proposed last September, and we were
married April 5, 2008.  We're so happy to have found God's plan for our
lives!  We owe our meeting to his friend (whom we asked to be a
groomsman in our wedding!) and Catholic Match.  Paul may not have had a
CM profile, but I'm so thankful his friend did! 

God bless your work, and all couples who met thanks to CM!



  1. Anna-671172 July 8, 2012 Reply

    This is amazing…..but i still find it great the CM member in question would end up being God´s instrument. God bless you both

  2. Dave-146273 May 11, 2008 Reply

    Great story.. if we can be open to God's plan..the possibilities are endless.

  3. Elizabeth-314295 May 10, 2008 Reply

    God works in mysterious ways, and I especially like to refer to the saying from the movie "Bella"-If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans! Congratulations to you both. The best is yet to come.

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