Angels in the Outfield


How did we find each other? Good
'ol, of course! Both of us were optimistic about meeting
someone on We were both looking for a partner that shared the
same faith at the same level of devotion. At first, Molly was not sure about
online dating, but later found it great because of the ability to be selective
in finding someone. She had been on two other religious based sites before this,
and Ryan had been on one other site. Molly had been on for 6
months but was still hopeful. When the magic began between the two, Ryan had
just joined the site! Good thing Molly stuck around.

20, 2006: Ryan sent a smiley "emotigram" to Molly's profile as the first move
(Molly rarely made the first move in contacting a potential date and figured if
it was meant to be, her "man" would find her!). Molly immediately fell for the
adorable baby photo Ryan had as his profile image. Tricky way of getting a
girl's attention, but it worked!

Ryan was very easy-going and did not
pressure Molly to meet right away, like most guys had. That caught her
attention. As the two talked, they further discovered they shared similar
values, moral views, cultural backgrounds and large families. They exchanged
messages on CatholicMatch and used the chat feature too. Ryan looked forward to
9pm with a passion!?After talking on the phone for a week, Molly surprisingly
felt ready to meet this stranger (she had previously only met up with two
prospects in the past 6 months due to her selectivity). So, they made a date for
May 6th, 2006!

Molly beat Ryan at a round of miniature golf (or in Ryan's words, after he let
her win). She realized the nail file she had in her pocket (for protection in
case he turned out to be a psycho!) was not needed and this was going to be a
beautiful relationship. Ryan did, too. They were amazed how easily they got
along and how it seemed they had known each other forever. The physical and
emotional attraction and chemistry was very strong, and both could tell on the
very first date!

And now for the happy ending: Ryan and Molly are engaged
to be married! They dated for 2 years before Ryan proposed. Ryan would have
proposed earlier but instead they took time to take things slow and for Ryan to
continue with his graduate school program. Although they both knew they wanted
to get married to each other about 6 months in, they made the choice to continue
to grow in their faith together and experience life together. Now they know that
the future is bright and God has given them the greatest blessing of all in
marriage to one another! They are forever grateful to

note: Ryan's sister saw their success and has since been engaged to her "found
love" as well!


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