Healthy Amount of Skepticism


I never thought or actually believed online meeting and dating work, until a family friend married her husband whom she met from this website.
Even though that was a fact, I was a little bit skeptical of the decision to
sign up and become a member. For such long period of time, I had many people
tell me how great Catholic Match was and how it changed their lives. I kept that
opinion in mind and I finally decided to become a member in 2004.

From the moment I signed up, I encountered and met many interesting and pleasant people,
but there wasn't anybody who definitely attracted my whole being. I kept on
looking for a while until 2006, and at that time, I noticed this one particular
member "mystery man" who kept checking my profile everyday. I was suprised and
yet, I found it strange at first that he seemed so eager to get my
attention. Since I got a little freaked out, I ignored him for a short period of
time until in early 2006, I finally decided to send my mystery man a smile along
with my phone number.

It took him roughly two days to respond to that smile,
but I was glad that he did and still was interested to talk to me. After that
day, Stefan "my mystery man" and I started sending email to each other and
before we knew it, we were talking on the phone everyday from eight o'clock in
the evening until six o'clock in the morning. I believe that we really took the
time to communicate and get to know each other, before we decided to meet in
person. On March 26,2007, Stefan and I set a time to meet. I was very excited
yet scared to know whether we'd have the attraction that we seemed to
discover and have when talking on the phone. I remember just like it was
yesterday, I was actually feeling unsure to whether meet him or not, even though
I was just around the corner. I was confused, so I took a moment to pray and ask
God to guide me. I believe that he did answer my prayer because the next I
knew, my feelings had changed. I felt so encouraged, eager and definitely sure to
meet Stefan in person. So at exactly five o'clock p.m., I met with Stefan in
Seattle, WA (specifically at the Pacific Place Plaza) and from that time on, our
meeting went well. We definitely felt the attraction toward each other and I
felt very secure around him. Before our meeting came to an end, I remember
thanking God for leading me to Stefan.

After that first meeting, Stefan and I continued on talking on the phone and went on dates during our spare time. By
spending time with each other, we were able to become each other's best
friend. We really do believe that it helped nurture our feelings to the
highest extent. A few months after, Stefan and I decided to become boyfriend and
girlfriend. Knowing the fact, we were unbelievably happy, thrilled to have each
other, felt blessed and knew that God brought us together for a reason. In
short, we were in LOVE and knew that we were each others soul mate. Stefan
has everything I had been looking for in a guy and I have everything he had been
looking for in a girl and it made perfect sense to us.  In April of 2007, Stefan
met my mom and thank God, they got along. It's funny to say, but that was such a
relief. Sometime in April during one of our dates, I remember Stefan, told me
that he wanted me to meet his family. So, in May of 2007, my mom and I went to
Vancouver, WA to do so.  When my mom and I were actually around Stefan and his
family, I had this strange feeling and just knew that something was up. I
remember feeling all shaky, having that butterly feeling in the stomach and I
felt secure to face the upcoming matter whatever it would be. Stefan and I
continued to share the love we have and actually shared our time between our

In August of 2007, Stefan "my mystery man/love of my life" asked my
hand in marriage and of course, I said yes. At that time, I knew I said yes, but
I wasn't sure whether he was for real or he was just playing around. I mean, I
knew he was my "it" and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, but I guess I
was overwhelmed and didn't quite grasp the reality of the situation. So, I
didn't tell my family at all and I, instead waited for Stefan to ask my
parents for their blessing on my birthday in September of 2007. After that,
obviously our lives were blessed with one great memory after another.

On November 17, 2007, Stefan and I said "I Do" at his church in Vancouver, WA. Our wedding day
was amazingly private which consisted of our family and closest friends. Being with
and to saying "I Do" to the man of my dreams was the best thing that could ever happen
in my life. Everyday we live our life in love and happiness as we
place God in the center. We are grateful and thank God each day for making a
way to bring us together even when we were a hundred of miles away from each
other. Also, we thank for allowing us to meet. Without the
help of the website, I don't think we would have met and have the life that we
do now.



  1. Alex-285308 October 29, 2008 Reply

    Your wedding day is my birthday! Now that is a gift!! Congrats to you both!!!

  2. Martina-356297 August 8, 2008 Reply

    Congrats to both of you!

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