Against All Odds


Neither of us thought that we would find our soul mate on a website.  We both
learned about CM through our respective churches.  Martha with the Archdiocese
of Indianapolis and I with Colorado Springs.  I contacted Martha praying that
she would be interested in my profile because she really fascinated me.  She
responded and we started to correspond getting to know one another.  We found
that our values and sentiments were very much alike in many ways. 

We feel that we understand each other very profoundly.  We are both
immigrants, therefore, we understand that a long distance relationship can and
does work.  Shortly after we met, we thought we were right for each other and I
asked Martha for her hand in marriage on my property in the beautiful mountains
of Colorado.



  1. Marcie-368935 September 10, 2008 Reply


  2. Patricia-368383 September 6, 2008 Reply

    Congrats!, I signed a few days ago. Is possible!

  3. Rose-367586 September 1, 2008 Reply

    congratulations! I have just signed in to this web site, and as you, I am looking for my soulmate but not pretty much sure is possible through web. Your story makes me feelconfident is possible 🙂

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