Marriage brought true joy


Marriage brought true joy

What a wonderful life. After meeting on Catholicmatch three years ago, and being
engaged for a year and a half, we finally got married on May 30, 2008. Sorry
that we are just now getting to our success story. Marriage keeps you

The wedding was beautiful. We married in an old 1800’s chapel on
the water with close relatives and friends. Sacred Heart Chapel was a perfect
location as the ceremony was on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and
Immaculate Heart of Mary. We thought it would be a great blessing to consecrate
our marriage to the Sacred and Immaculate Heart, and so we did!

The sun
was setting as we proclaimed our marriage vows to one another. The weather was
breezy and everything was just right. It could not have gone more perfectly. Our
reception was held at an old, quaint, Bed and Breakfast. The food was
exceptional and everyone had a great time eating and dancing! 

night Patrick and I stayed at the Inn, and then woke up early the next morning
to drive to Miami for our Honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean. We had an absolute
blast! Just knowing, after waiting so long, we would finally be able to stay
together and not have to say goodbye like we had done so often before.

Now, little has changed. We enjoy married life just as we hoped we
would. Seeing each other every morning and night is a true blessing. Being able
to pray together and go to Mass together brings true joy. We cannot wait to
start our family and raise God-centered children. God has not blessed us with
children yet, but we are anxiously waiting.

If it were not for
Catholicmatch, we would have never met. God is truly working through them to
bring together couples who can go on doing His will! Thank you, God, and thank
you Catholicmatch.



  1. Colleen-457874 July 11, 2009 Reply

    Congratulations Patrick and Katie-you are the reason I am on here! :veryhappy:

  2. MerleAnne-322179 March 22, 2009 Reply

    Congrats!!! beautiful couple and wonderful story..

  3. Cynthia-417597 March 12, 2009 Reply

    A little too much bragging!!!

  4. Maria-403808 January 12, 2009 Reply

    congratulations!! May God's love shine upon both of you always!

  5. TsungaiIsaac-385476 November 15, 2008 Reply

    May God bless you and be grateful for the marriage you are in because its a gift from God.

  6. Jayme-298701 November 1, 2008 Reply

    I am so so happy for both of you. May God always shine the sun on your shoulders!!!!

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