Skeptic turned Believer


After giving up on the club scene and the bar scene and
putting an end to getting set-up, friends and family often suggested I consider
joining a singles website to meet new people.  I was pretty
reluctant, but one of my cousins suggested I try 
After checking out the website, I was a little more comfortable with the
idea of an online dating service and I posted my profile.  I found
Rob’s profile and we began communicating.  After nearly a month of
emails, we decided it was time to meet each other. 


We slowly began spending more and more time together and
began to realize we had many of the same core values and beliefs. 
We discovered together how strong our faith in God was, as well as how
much we both wanted many of the same things in life.  The more time
we spent together the more we realized we wanted to achieve our lifelong goals

On October 10, 2008, Rob took me to a wonderful Italian
restaurant for dinner.  After a delicious and very romantic dinner, he professed
his undying love for me and asked me to marry him.  Through tears of joy and
happiness, I of course, said yes.  We've already begun planning our wedding next
Fall 2009.

It's funny how life has a way of happening and it is truly a
miracle to watch God's plan for you unfold right before your eyes.  Six years
ago, I lost my mother in a car accident and literally, 10 days before I met Rob,
my father died of lung cancer.  I firmly believe that God and my parents sent me
Rob.  He is everything I could have ever hoped and dreamed for, and I couldn't
be happier.  While I wish my parents were here to share in this wonderful time
in my life, I know they are watching over both of us and smiling down from

So, from being a bit skeptic about an online dating website, I
am a true believer in the power of faith and miracles.


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