Success Stories In Brief


Alexandra & Paul

Paul was the first person I met on your website. I met him about or week or two after signing up with We started dating, and it was love at first sight. We were engaged five months later and were married on February 14, 2009.

Susan & Louis

We dated 10 years ago and found each other again a month ago. We are talking about marriage right now. He's the love of my life that got away and now we are reunited. God has answered our prayers.

Adrian & Romina

We first met a Glendale Galleria. Then, we decided to go dating at Universal Citywalk, Universal Studios and Disneyland. We are very happy with each other!

Amos & Char

I meet the Love of my life on It was a very helpful tool.I've been real happy with the results.

Daniel & Kate

We met via and are currently in the relationship stage of our development. Take care and God Bless.

Grant & Laura

I met Laura on here in Nov. 08. We've been dating since December. We're so happy we found eachother because we are truly in love. Thank you !!

Nancy & Andrew

We met in person for the first time at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC after meeting online on Catholic Match. It began with an interview invitation from Andrew. After submitting my answers he sent me my score and we have been communicating ever since.

Sarah & Daniel

I was only on Catholic Match for about four months before I found Danny. I was interested to talk to him because of his excitement about his faith and his quirky interests. We talked for a month or so and then met in person in my city. He lives two and a half hours away but drives up every weekend to see me. I've had other boyfriends but none have been such a wonderful match. We have a similar sense of humor and share beliefs about the spiritual life, family, and generosity with the poor. I'm so grateful to God and to Catholic Match that I've finally met this wonderful person that fills my life with joy!

Ted & Robin

I tried the other dating services eHarmony and Yahoo Personals , but it was finding Catholic Match that did the trick. I found a wonderful person, Robin with all of the same values and aspirations in life. Our first date was in January 2008 and it was practically love at first sight. Our wedding date was February 2008 and we're expecting our first child this summer. I truly believe that God had a hand in getting us together so we could spend the rest of our live together as husband and wife

Jaime & Reyna

I (Jamie)did not have a good experience at all on Catholic Match for a few months when searching. By then, I felt that there was no chance for an "on-line" match. Then, I sent an emotigram, thinking this was the last one I will send before ending my subscription early. After I received a response and we began chatting on the CM messaging system, we connected almost immediately. We made plans to have a face to face encounter. That encounter made me realize that "there is" someone out for me. Now, we have developed a wonderful "distant" friendship relationship with the hopes of something more at a later time. I do believe that this relationship would not have been possible without God's blessing and Catholic Match bring us together.



  1. Tracy-57589 March 30, 2009 Reply

    This summer is 2009….. Thats plenty of time to have a baby..Tey got married over a year ago.. It just looks like its being read 2008 because its after the "important dates/ milestones"..

  2. Mary-375650 March 28, 2009 Reply

    It seems that the TED and ROBIN story story doesnt pan out, with meeting in Jan 2008, then married in Feb 2008, how can they have a baby in the summer of 2008, since it takes 9 months to conceive and it would autumn wouldnt it?

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