The Right Values


In college a major priority for me (Mary) in finding a partner seemed to revolve
around how much fun we had together. I enjoyed going out with
girlfriends and met guys when I was out having a good time. Even before
I used an online dating site I knew I wanted to be with someone who
shared the same priorities I had. Things I cared about at the time
were physical attraction, similar interests in my major and other
activities, and spending time with friends. With these priorities it
seemed easier to find guys to date.

I began to expand my viewpoint on dating as I graduated and entered the
working world. As a young adult with new responsibilities, I wanted to
develop more mature relationships. I began to consider having a family
of my own as my relationship with my siblings and parents grew stronger.
I worked teaching in the inner city of Baltimore. After a year, I entered
nursing school with the hope that my actions might have a positive
impact on others’ lives. I wanted to meet someone who cared about making
a difference in the world as much as I did.

Over time, I also began to grow in my faith. I prayed to God for strength
and courage in my new profession. I became more diligent in practicing
the Catholic faith in which I had been raised. I attended Mass, said the
rosary, and became a member of my local church and young adult group.

I decided to try an online dating site since I wanted to find a partner
who cherished the same faith that brought me so much joy and strength. I
also wanted to find someone who had the same values about family, faith
and community with which I had been raised. However, I still wanted to find
someone who was attractive, shared the same interests, and enjoyed
spending time with friends.

Catholic Match asks the important questions that every person of the
Christian faith should ask. What are my views on marriage? Am I open to
children? How would I describe my relationship with God? I also liked
how people post pictures of themselves along with short descriptions
explaining their interests, likes and dislikes, etc. It is just an
introduction similar to if you were at a party and making small talk
with strangers. The next step of writing messages through the site
allowed me to delve a little deeper with a few guys without getting
emotionally attached.

Stephen and I met online a few weeks after we both signed up. We discovered that we lived only 20 minutes away from one another. We had
even been to the same restaurants and bars but had never met! After
talking online about everything from music to books to sports we decided
to meet for dinner. We went to a coffee shop/diner downtown and it was
so fun putting a face to all those fun conversations we had been
enjoying! We ended up talking about our families for over an hour,
realizing how much they and we had in common. I remember it was Lent and
Friday, so we both ordered fish and laughed that for once we were on a
date with someone who would understand something like that. We hugged at
the end of dinner and made plans to attend my friend’s Saint Patrick’s
Day party the following weekend. Things evolved from a friendship into a
relationship over the following months.

A year and a half after we met, Stephen and I decided to take our first
trip together, to travel to across the country from Baltimore to Seattle
to visit with some friends. We spent the time exploring the Space Needle
and other sites around the city. Toward the end of the trip we drove to
the top of Mount Rainier for a hike and picnic. I remember getting so
nervous, thinking that Steve might pop the big question. Well, much to my
chagrin the question never came despite having an amazing time together.
Little did I know, but Stephen already had the ring picked out he just
wanted to ask my father’s permission first. A few weeks later Steve
surprised me by getting down on one knee in the middle of his living
room after we just returned from dinner with friends. The surprise was
worth the wait!

Now I am with the love of my life and I have Catholic Match to thank! At
our wedding the priest who married us even commented during the homily
on how wonderful it was that we met using a site devoted to bringing
Catholic couples together. We have personally recommended Catholic Match
to family and friends over the last few years.


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  1. Esther-532964 August 6, 2013 Reply

    Wonderful story! Many blessing to the both of you! Do you think people in their 40’s should stop trying? When is it too late?

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