CatholicMatch launches first proprietary in-line instant message system


PITTSBURGH – The journey from the first emotigram to the first meeting just got accelerated, thanks to the implementation of an in-line chat system on Catholic Match. It is the first of its kind on any dating site, a resounding indication that Catholic Match remains a leader in technology.

While other major dating sites use third parties to manage instant messaging, this chat system was developed and implemented in house so that it would be seamlessly integrated into the rest of the site. The chat system has elicited rave reviews from members who say it is incredibly easy to use and allows them to continue using the site while chatting.

“We’re really excited to provide instant messaging in such a smooth, integrated way,” Catholic Match Co-Founder Brian Barcaro said. “While sending email and emotigrams continue to be the preferred mediums of communication instant messaging provides immediate response and also a way to carry on longer conversations in a way where you feel connected.”

“Many larger singles sites continue to use a chat system which suffers from a disconnect with the rest of the site and makes it a less complete if not frustration experience for the user. Despite being a niche site we simply found this unacceptable for our customers.



  1. Melanie-621570 September 22, 2010 Reply

    i hope i can meet my future husband

  2. Angela-629293 September 21, 2010 Reply

    i like it

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