Honesty Triumphs


I (Anthony) started using this site last year around January
and met Marcelle on here in May.  I had dated one other girl from here
before but it didn't work out.  Marcelle and I talked and finally decided
to meet in June.  I am in the military and am away a lot but our love
and faith have grown stronger. 

In my past experiences
dating someone who was not Catholic ended up becoming a problem, and it is nice
having someone that sees things the way I do.  I thank God every day for
Marcelle and my life would be lessened without her in it.  It is wonderful
when you finally find that special someone that God has put here for us. 
Marcelle and I have been together for just over eight months and are planning
our wedding for next April.  For those of you who decide to join and use
this service, a small piece of advice–be honest in your description and your
answers.  Marcelle told me that one thing that drew her to me was what I
put in my profile and how honest I was about everything I wanted.  Good
luck to you in your search and may the Lord bless you as He has blessed me.


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  1. Christopher-433964 May 31, 2009 Reply

    good on you m8! congratulations to you both. i agree, honesty is the best policy, and i take my hat off to you, anthony… u and all the other diggers, fighting 4 freedom. i admire your intestinal fortitude, and i wish u and marcelle all the best that life has to offer. i wish you every happiness, and hope it goes off beautifully, when u tie the knot in april, 2010! cheers, chris.

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