Knowing What It Takes


I (Sheila) met a wonderful caring man that enjoys similiar things
that I do. One of the most important things is
that he is Catholic. That is one less thing that can cause stress in a relationship.
We were both in marriages over ten years, so we know what it takes to make
a relationship work. We both want to take care of each other and make the other
one as happy as possible.

We e-mailed each other for three weeks before we met, because his mother was in the
hospital very ill. I would check in a couple times a day to see how she was
doing and that she was in my prayers. We had more of a friendship at first when
we chatted than anything else.

We live a little more than a hour away from each other but things seem to be
working out just fine. We plan on taking turns with the traveling.

The biggest piece of advice to anyone dating these days no matter if it's on
the Internet, or meeting somewhere else, is to keep an open mind. Just when you
think you're ready to give up with the whole dating thing, that's when it will
happen. You don't need to look for it–there's a bigger plan out
there, so just go with it. Thank You!


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  1. Karin-342333 April 21, 2009 Reply

    You are very lucky to have a friend first..

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