Heaven-Sent Love


Anna’s Story: I was a city girl from Toronto and he was a country boy from Michigan. He wrote first, and we exchanged e-mails on CM for six weeks (no phone conversations!) and finally met on Divine Mercy weekend 2007.

He absolutely knew I was the one from the moment he met me on that Friday. I knew on Divine Mercy Sunday that this could be the gift from God I’ve been yearning for, but I suppressed the feeling and put up a high wall. Four months later I couldn’t deny it anymore. Erich’s strong love for the Catholic Church and his gentle love for me tore it down. Suddenly all that suppressed love that had built up inside just flooded over me and I couldn’t control it. I told him in August he was the one and in October he proposed.

We were married at the beautiful Sweetest Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Detroit on May 3, 2008. The Holy Virgin began the ceremony—a large statue of her was carried down the aisle by Erich’s brothers and my brother and cousin. The ceremony ended with Benediction. The most important thing in the world is to keep Christ and His Church at the center of every moment. Christ bound us together in the sacrament of marriage and only Christ can keep it tightly together. Christ’s is the strongest bond—relying on something else will only loosen it and make us drift apart. When I pray with my husband, I can feel my love for him intensify. True love is not what the world says or shows it to be through the media. True love is Christ’s love and we are capable of it because Christ is love and we are made in His image.

Erich’s Story: It’s been almost a year now since I’ve been married to Anna. The time really does fly by! The best part about being married is that I feel closer to Anna than ever before. She has been a breath of fresh air in my life and has opened my eyes to a world in Christ that I never knew existed. I have noticed that I look at families and relationships differently now than I did in the past. I see the love that binds couples together. I see children as a product of the love of their parents—a unique creation of God.

I feel complete as a married man. A wife really is different than a girlfriend or fiancé. Our relationship, although great when we were dating, is deeper now. It’s more tender and intimate. It’s so wonderful to walk and hold the hand of someone with whom you are one with. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with Anna. I can’t wait to experience our marriage blossom and mature!

A Message From Both: The fact the relationship was long distance (and still is until April 2009 because Anna has to finish her degree in Canada) did not discourage us whatsoever. We loved the craziness of it all. It actually made our bond stronger because being apart for weeks on end made us miss each other and it made it so exciting when we did finally see each other. We also prayed together over the phone to Christ to keep the bond of love tight. Long distance is a sacrifice, but for love it is worth to fight—so long as Christ is kept as the commander!



  1. Dawn-1017649 November 4, 2013 Reply

    Wow! What an amazing love story…. Indeed you guys touched my heart! What an inspiration ….. Truly love can really moves in mysterious way…

  2. Maclean-483042 December 18, 2009 Reply

    Touched by your story, indeed " long distance is a sacrifice, but for Love it is worth to fight so long Christ is kept as the Commander. This is a beautiful story and I am encouraged to see what God can do even in long distance relationships.
    All best!

  3. JeanHazel-456965 June 30, 2009 Reply

    wish i could have same love story with you…in God's will
    Gob bless

  4. Thelma-427942 May 4, 2009 Reply

    I love it. Congratulations and God Bless!

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