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The Midwest has been home to some great success stories in the now four-year old movement of CM Gatherings. As featured last month, the great city of St. Louis has hosted St. Patrick’s Day events for three straight years. And Chicago, the hub of the Midwest, has hosted the biggest blowout bashes in the history of the site. But the far north end of the I-94 corridor is growing in activity as well. The down-to-earth city of Milwaukee and the surrounding area, has been gradually growing in activity and this summer is the focal point of the CM calendar, with three events scheduled in rapid succession.

It starts on the night of June 13, when a group will go out to watch a major league baseball game, when the Brewers play the Cubs. No baseball game in the Wisconsin area is ever complete without a tailgate, and that’s how the night will start off. Afterward, there will be postgame socializing. Tickets in Milwaukee are also reasonably priced, at least by the standards of professional sports today, allowing members to have a good time and stay within their budget.

Then on July 8 comes Lifest, the largest gathering of Christian musicians in the country. This will be an entire weekend affair and offer a multitude of opportunities for refreshment and fellowship. And the trio of events will come to a conclusion with another biggest-in-the-nation festival. Irishfest, held on the shores of Lake Michigan, is the largest event of its kind. And an afternoon spent on the lake, with the beautiful breezes coming in to provide welcome comfort in the summer, lends to a perfect setting for fellowship.

No one has been more instrumental in the growth of the Milwaukee movement than Janet-83198, It all goes back to January of last year, when she and several others braved the winter elements and gathered for lunch at Miller Park and a tour of Sprecher Brewery. Surely there was no finer way to embrace both Catholic fellowship and the city’s Germanic heritage all in one fell swoop. They were back at Miller Park for the ’08 version of the Brewer game and tailgate. Other events included a trip to beautiful Holy Hill, a shrine set back in the hills with hiking trails that are a scenic portrait of God’s creative hand.

The majestic trails of Holy Hill gave way to the down-to-earth atmosphere of minor league hockey, as they saw the local Milwaukee Admirals play in January of last year. And to be in Milwaukee inevitably led Janet into close contact with the founder of CM Chicago, Tracy-57589, a beloved CM member who has since found her finace in Ireland. Janet helped orchestrate Tracy’s goodbye party back in March.

Planning events involves a lot of work, but Janet has embraced it wholeheartedly. “Just like when I was a missionary back in the 1990s, I find that when you do something for others, you end up getting far more from it yourself… These friendships that I have made I would not trade in ever! (After Holy Hill)I had 4 of the CM ladies sleep over at my house. It was wonderful having that time with fellow single ladies. We had such wonderful heart to heart discussions. I made a friend that weekend that feels like she has been my friend for life.

After the Brewer game last year, the group came back to my house and we all built a fire in my fire pit and talked for hours and then a smaller group of us prayed the rosary together around the fire and under the stars. It was truly spirit filled! I may not have found my future spouse yet, but I have made friends that have truly enriched my life and blessed it more than I could imagine.”

Janet added that a whole new support system has developed in her life as the fruit of her work on behalf of the CM community. Like everyone else here in our online community, she was looking for something more and found it in organizing activities. Through her efforts she became living proof that it is often easier to take vital constructive action, than to simply sit waiting around.

If you’re in the Wisconsin area, or within a few hours’ driving distance, take a look at the calendar and check the events out. Perhaps one of them will be the first step to finding the love of your life. Or it might “just” be a good time that results in a host of new friends. Either way, the burgeoning Milwaukee Movement in the CM world, is the latest proof that there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by just taking a chance and attending or organizing an event.



  1. Jason-327240 January 6, 2010 Reply

    All I have to say to my CM buddy Janet is…. Thank You! I look forward to hanging out at CM Lifest '10.

  2. Jane-75498 January 6, 2010 Reply

    My first CM Event was Holy Hill which Janet organized. It was an amazing time due to Janet's skill at scheduling inspiring and beautiful places to visit, and her bubbly personality made it so much fun. I look forward to returning for another visit.

  3. Charles-184716 May 15, 2009 Reply

    All that, plus Janet is hawt, Go Janet!

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