Cross Country Together


I (Brian) met Marisa through Catholic Match. She has helped me grow and has become my closest friend. Through your service I was able to meet what seems to be the ideal match. We have gone through some of the toughest times of our lives together and some of the most fun ones too. It seems that our shared love and religious conviction has allowed us to find common ground and help support each other through difficult times.

We have also had the opportunity over the last year and half to enjoy some amazing adventures together. The other day we were just laughing because although we are broke as joke right now, we have managed to travel all over the country together. From Miami to Alaska and tons of places in between. Through it all, Marisa has been my best friend and traveling companion.
This was my first foray into Internet dating and I was very nervous. My coworkers made fun of me behind my back. Literally, standing behind my back laughing at me as I filled in my profile. But I just tried to be honest with what I wrote, and chose a bunch of pictures that showed me doing the things I like to do. Looking back at my old profile made me realize how far I've come. It doesn't seem like me at all anymore. You see, we all fail and I was really screwed up from a failed marriage. When I look back at my profile, it seems like my ego was shattered. Marisa was willing to help me work through my issues.

Marisa and I began chatting and sending emails, we found common ground, and after a few weeks we called each other and set a date to go dancing with a group of friends. Well, it turns out she is a great dancer. Now we take dance lessons together. It's wonderful–we meet new people catch up with friends and get a workout. Anyway, I wasn't such a good dancer when we met. In fact I almost didn't get a second date from what I hear. Believe it or not, I was saved by a cookie. As I was walking to meet Marisa for our first date, I passed by an Italian bakery and something told me to buy her a pinole cookie. It's a sort of almond pine-nut Italian treat. As we were finishing up the night, I asked her if she wanted a cookie. She had never had one and I imagine that got my foot in the door.

It seems that I have met the most special and wonderful woman through your site. While our lives are in constant economic flux, it appears that the strength of the bond we share continues to grow. I hope and pray that God's intention is for us to be together. All I can do is work to improve our situation, and I believe that if we continue to turn towards each other for strength we are heading down the right path.



  1. Jillian-1014035 November 9, 2013 Reply

    I had a long distance relationship that started out phenominally…sadly it has ended with an ended engagement. YOur story is great …indeed this couple …definately needs to make sure they stay turned toward each other for strength, in Christ…or you may use the relationship.

  2. Miho-446783 June 5, 2009 Reply


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