Destiny Fulfilled


Jack & Ma.Joriz were "Forever Each Other's Destiny". This past May, their marriage completed the first phase of their journey together. Below is the story of their wedding day: 

We were married in the Catholic Church on May
23, 2009, which is the feast day of Mary, Queen of Apostles, truly a blessed day. God made it a wonderful day for us. The weather was just right, even though
there was a threat of a thunder shower. The
sky was blue and the sun was out. We had a Nuptial Mass. The ceremony
included the traditional Filipino custom of lighting of the candle for our
path, the adornment of the veil on the couple, and the wearing of the cord. The
exchange of the coins was also included as a sign of the husband entrusting the
wife with his earnings to take care of each other and their children that they
will have.

My (Jack) best friend was my best man and my sister was the maid of honor. Her boyfriend was one of the ushers and
my friend from college was also an usher. The sister of my sister's boyfirend
was a bridesmaid as well as a cousin from my family. My father
walked Joriz down the aisle. The Mass was
beautiful. We had Fr. Lito, a Filipino priest in my parish, preside over our
wedding. It was extra special because my parish had just finished being
renovated. The sancutary area was all Botticelli marble. The reception was
really nice. We had good music, so the dancing and fun was vibrant and
memorable. The food was abundant.

Everyone had a wonderful time and Joriz and I
wish to extend our love and thanks to our relatives and friends who were all
part of our day. We also thank God because it was He who brought us together. I
will always attribute this to my trip to Italy
back in November 2007. It was my second trip to
Italy. I went back to Rome and went to the Church
of the Holy Staircase, which is just across the street from the Basilica of St. John Lateran. The Stairs
are the actual Stairs that was part of Pontius Pilate's judgment hall, where
Jesus was judged on Good Friday. It is said that
spots of the Lord's Blood are on them. I said some prayers while ascending the
28 Stairs and one was to find a good wife. I felt something good in me while
climbing them. You have to climb them on your knees.

This Church was special to
me because I have read about it through Fr. Gabriele
's books. He is the official exorcist for the diocese of Rome and
he mentioned how Fr. Candido Amantini, a
Passionist priest was the exorcist who was stationed at that church for many
years. The books have had a great impact on me. I had Masses said for Fr. Candido
along with Fr. Angelo Fantoni of Monte San Savino (Arezzo), another exorcist priest that
Fr. Amorth mentions in ones of his books and I felt that the two were praying
for me. I've also been very devoted to Our Lady through the Rosary and the Brown Scapular as well as a courtship prayer to Mary
that I would say. Holy Hours of Eucharistic Adoration were also very important
for me; quiet time with the Lord. I mention all of this because this
has all has been very special to me and I attribute it all to getting
married to Joriz; that through prayer and complete trust in Jesus, all will be

The Lord alone has the final say in the end on all things and He takes
care of all of us, whether the answer is "yes" or "no." I
say this to all of you reading this, stay the course, be close to the Lord and
His Mother. Pray always because prayer has done many great things.



  1. Rose-354332 September 19, 2009 Reply

    congradulations, you were blessed to find what we are all looking for in our journey.

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  3. Jessie-478532 September 3, 2009 Reply

    [quote]God bless you[/quote]

  4. Cristina-371516 August 5, 2009 Reply

    GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY. :rose: :veryhappy: :rosary:

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