Mom’s Wisdom Pays Off


Peter and I (Katie) both joined Catholic Match in March of 2009.  Peter
joined because he wanted to find a girl who had Catholicism as an important
part of her life, and I joined because I wanted a man who had the same. My mom had been on me
for weeks to join the site after she saw it on the back of our church bulletin.  I had tried other dating sites,
and after my last failed relationship I didn't want to hear about it. 
However, because of my mom's persistence I decided to give it a try.  I
checked out a few profiles, chatted with a few guys, but nothing seemed to be
making a connection or they were too far away. 

Then on April 7th, the Tuesday before Easter 2009 (I remember this because I'm
a teacher and was on Spring Break) Peter sent me
an emotigram.  As soon as I looked at his profile I thought, "Oh
my!  A hot guy actually sent me a message,
and he sounds wonderful!!!" I was so used to other websites where
I didn't have any attraction and nothing in common with
the guys.  So, you better believe I sent him a message in

We sent a few messages back and forth that night, and then ended
up chatting on AIM for the rest of the evening.  At the end of our
conversation I decided to give Peter my phone number because he was going to
drive to Pittsburgh
for his monthly insurance agency meeting.  He was going to drive for four
hours to get there and thought it would be the perfect time to talk to one
another.  We ended up talking for over an hour.  There has not been a
day since that we have not had some form of contact, whether
it has been our frequent hour or so conversations, or a text message. 

After a few weeks of talking we finally decided to meet.  We met for the
first time in Pittsburgh. We live about six hours apart, so it was almost a middle meeting point.  We walked around the town
all day!  First going on the river tour, then on the incline, then a Pirates
baseball game, and finishing it off with dinner at the Hard
Rock Cafe
.  I was so excited!  Never had I felt such a
connection with someone before!  Peter then asked me if I would attend his
Knights of Columbus knighting in Philadelphia three weeks later! 
He was earning his 4th degree knighthood.  It was an experience I'll never
forget, it was so wonderful. 

That weekend I got to meet some of his family,
who were wonderful as well!  We kept up that three week schedule for a few
more weeks, then meeting for a fishing trip, and then on vacation with my
family.  Everybody loved him, and and kept saying what a perfect match we were, down to the donuts we liked…hahaha!  We just feel so blessed that God led us to this site or we would
have never had met! 



  1. Benecia-578107 May 13, 2010 Reply

    wish me luck !!!!! Just like you had said,I'm tired too.But I'll try my luck in CM. #578107

  2. Juneann-473831 August 23, 2009 Reply

    And your ages are?

  3. Nancy-217438 August 19, 2009 Reply

    May God be bless for making it possible for the two of you to find each other. And may the Holy Spirit continue to bless your conversations, meetings and family reunions. God bless you both! And thank you very much for sharing it with so much generosity…

  4. Yvonne-454711 August 18, 2009 Reply

    Katie, understanding exactly what you mean about the overwhelming dating sites. Now at Catholic Match I pray everyday that I will find a TRUE gentleman. Congrats on your new relationship. Glad to hear you both made the long distance work.

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