Right Next Door


Jacob and I (Heather) were matched by CM and our first "date" was 9:00 Mass Sunday morning (I do the music at Mass, so I really wasn't sure if he showed up or not as I couldn't find him in the crowd), but when I went downstairs for donuts afterward, there he was.

His smile was the first thing I noticed as we made our introductions. After that, he went with me to clean out a horse stall for a friend's horse I was watching, then that night, we went for a walk. I showed up at his house wearing my purple Truman State University sweatshirt only for him to open the door wearing the same thing! We actually only lived four blocks away from each other at the time, his house was listed with my real estate company, and he had purchased his puppy from the rescue with which I volunteer…but ultimately, it took Catholic Match for us to meet!

On Sept. 14, 2009, we will celebrate one year since that first date…I'm thankful each and every day for Jacob's presence in my life. I am truly blessed to have such an incredible, caring, loving, Christian man as my partner and my best friend.

I tried for years to pick out my mate, but the one God chose for me is far better than any I could imagine! I love him more each day as we continue to grow together in our faith and in our lives.



  1. Jacqueline-198 October 15, 2009 Reply

    Awww that is so sweet!! Right under your very own noses! That's great, God's sense of humor is something else isn't it?! And purple sweatshirts!! Even greater!!

  2. Claudia-490212 October 6, 2009 Reply

    that is so amazing that you were so close yet never met. God does work in mysterious and wonderful ways!

  3. Bashkim-146330 October 6, 2009 Reply

    I wish you both a very long happy life together. Praise the Lord that he united you both. And he only wants the best from you.

  4. Careese-449851 October 3, 2009 Reply

    What a beautiful story!

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