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I am very grateful with God and with Catholic Match for being the venue to bringing me to the most wonderful man I have ever met. We met for the first time in Costa Rica, from Feb 13-15th. Salvatore came to see me after several months of chatting on a daily basis. This past week, I went to Catania, Sicily, to join him for the second time and also meet his wonderful family. After this second trip, we decided we will remain together and we are slowly working on the process of structuring our future together.

God bless you all and thank you for your services!


I met Steve on Catholic Match in Jan '09, 2 1/2 years after being widowed with three small children to raise. I had prayed hard that God would answer my prayers for a new beginning. After many emails, texts and phone calls Steve and I decided to meet 4 weeks later, even though we were at opposite ends of the country. Meeting face to face only confirmed how we felt about each other and we truly believed God had a hand in bringing us together through Catholic Match. After traveling back and forth to see each other we are now happily engaged and looking forward to marrying in early 2010. Thank you for providing a wonderful safe site and way to meet like minded people with a Catholic faith. God has truly answered our prayers.


After years of avoiding the dating scene, I took a leap of faith and tried posting on Catholic Match. Three days later, a wonderful man named John e-mailed me and we corresponded via e-mail until we met a week later. I am so grateful to have met a man who is a honest, considerate, who has a positive attitude. Our children are growing together through many experiences, and are blessed to see their parents growing, rather than falling, in love. It's been six months of great opportunities and adventures. I hope for many, many more to come. I am so grateful for this website. Merci Beaucoup, Catholic Match!


My responding to a Catholic Match flashup ad on my internet home page was very rewarding. I did it on impulse and made a contact with another person who joined at the same time. We exchanged two e-mails and then began a daily telephone connection which lasted for two months before we met. Unfortunately we live about 900 miles apart and our time together will have to be a compromise thing but certainly worth it. Who knows what the future will bring? My advice is not to hesitate to contact people who are out of your area because even a long distance relationship can be very special. I believe God is at work in my life.


We want to thank CM for giving us the opportunity to find each other in this website.

Right now, we've been deepening our relationship and our love for each other. We see each other a lot and we hope and pray that God destined us to be married one day. We are very happy with each and are growing strong like an oak tree in the north woods.

Thank CM and God bless!


We met for the first time on May 2nd, 2009 and we found that we
had similar interest, really enjoyed each others company. After meeting several times we met some of our families and went on several trips to New York state and we fell in love…As I am retired and Marvel is still working and we have been seeing each other a couple times a week and short vacations brought us closer.


Brian and I met on Catholic Match just three days after I joined the site. We instantly hit it off and have been dating seriously now for 7 months. I am still amazed at the many ways God continues to bring us together.


Beverly and I met through Catholic Match. We think that we were perfectly matched by you guys–good job! We feel like we have known each other forever. We have so much in common it is not funny. We both feel that our relationship will be a lifelong one.


Amanda and I met on your site about a month and a half ago and today we officially began a courtship to discern where God might be leading us.


We met on the site and hit it off right away. Five months later we got married on August 14 2009


We were both very excited to start a journey on Catholic Match, with neither of us knowing how great the outcome would truly be! In our journey towards a relationship together, we have found true love, trust, companionship, and deeper meaning of our religious faith. Our time together has not only brought us closer to each other but also closer to God! Even though we live a long distance from each other, we are more than happy to make things work because of the genuine connection that we share. For me, I never expected to find the love of my life in the easiest place ever. And, it all started with a corny emotigram! For those of you that question whether this is right for you, dive in and give it a chance!


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