The Right Recipe


Patrick's Story:

I had started a profile on Catholic Match after a close friend told me he had been on a few dates from the site. Even though I had my doubts about the online dating thing, I figured "why not". A little while before meeting Martha I decided to become a member and told God that I would give it a year, and prayed for patience and guidance. Although I didn't stop meeting women outside of the website, I started going on dates with members pretty often. I'm not going to pretend that each person was a good match, in fact I was ready to give up on this site halfway through the year. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet a lot of good ladies which I may not have met otherwise but thought may be this wasn't for me.

In the beginning of July during the summer of '08 I get a message from a woman who immediately caught my interest. She was humorous and down to earth. We decided to meet at the end of July and I knew halfway through the date that I wanted to see her again, and not just because she's gorgeous. Martha and I continued to see each other and talk often for the month after that first date until I asked her out on September 1, 2008. We grew together and entered each others lives slowly. Within months of dating we realized and agreed that there was more happening then either of us thought was possible. We knew that God had a plan here.

A year after we met we announced our engagement and we were married this past December 27, 2009. God is good all the time!

Martha's Story:

It all started when my mother approached me with an ad for Catholic Match which she found in our local Tablet newspaper. I thought to myself, "Here's this woman who can barely work the VCR and she wants me to find a husband on the computer…" My mother was persistent until I finally signed up. I decided I would give it three months

After a month, I met Patrick at Martha's Country Bakery in Astoria. The date was filled with great conversation, laughs and even a walk. I must admit I was smitten! Dates to the beach, St. Patrick's Cathedral and MOMA followed and our relationship flourished!

I was amazed to have met someone in just a little over a month. I was even more amazed that I had met someone who shared the same values and beliefs that I had. We fell in love and the seasons quickly went from summer to fall to spring and finally summer. Our love unfolded and we realized that we truly had something wonderful!

We were married on December 27th,2009. Our marriage is filled with trust, love and faith…. a recipe that will last forever!


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