A Montage Of Success


Mary & Dany
St. Raphael must have done a good job again!!! After the
initial ice-breaking, we agreed to meet after a Mass we both participated in,
for a face-to-face meeting. Mary was considering a vocation, while Dany wanted
(but was not hasty) to be sure about where our relationship was heading. But we
believe that our understanding of marriage, and the importance of God in our
lives made us (and still does) realize that if God hadn't brought us together,
then we wouldn't be meant for each other. One year later, we got married on the
Sunday of the Rosary. We keep praying daily to the Holy Family to let us know
God's plan for our marriage, and to help us accomplish His Will. Keep Smiling,
Jesus Loves You All!

Lisa & Rob
Our first emotigram on Catholic Match was April 30,
2009. We had both tried other sites, like match.com and eharmony.com, but
we felt that Catholic Match offered us the opportuinty to meet people who
shared our deep Catholic Faith.

After chatting online and then over the phone a few times, we met for the first
time May 9, 2009 at Our Lady of Mt Carmel Parish on the Newport peninsula.  The first thing we
did together was attend Mass.After a few nice dinners, a couple of movies, a trip to Disneyland, and lots of
great phone conversations, we spent a wonderful romantic night at Laguna Beach, and fell in

We became engaged about three months later, at Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral
in downtown Los Angeles. 
As the ring slid onto Lisa's finger, the church bells rang! We are set to be married December 12, 2009.  We went to the Catholic
Engaged Encounter retreat last week.  We are both head over heels in
love!!! Thanks, Catholic Match!

Lee & John
Ours was a long distant relationship, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. John and I (Lee) met for lunch at a restaurant about halfway between our homes. We hit it off right away and later made plans to see each other again in my
area. A lovely time was had by all.  Ha-ha. We enjoyed
each others company and attended Mass together every week. At our age, 72
and 70, it was truly a gift from God to meet and fall in love once more in the
autumn of our years. We are so very happy and truly grateful to have
found each other.  We were engaged within two months of meeting each other
and married shortly thereafter.

Alicia & Brett
Brett and I (Alicia) met on Catholic Match in October 2008. I was at a point
where I didn't think I would meet someone and thought I would be alone the rest of my life.  I saw an advertisement on the
back of a church bulletian and thought it might be a good idea!!  Brett
was the second person I met on Catholic Match and
I am so glad I met him!! We got engaged on October 19,
2009 and will be married next November!! He is the light
of my life
and I thank my Lord, Jesus Christ for giving me a chance to
meet him. Thanks Catholic Match!!

Krista & Brendan
I (Krista) remember the very first time we talked on the phone, for three hours, instantly connecting!  The first time we met in Oklahoma City for the weekend I felt myself
falling for Brendan.  Then, after my weekend in Kansas City, I truly felt myself in the
position where I would love to stay for the rest of my life!! 🙂

Tina & Ariann
We met on this site in April of 2008. I (Tina) was not
looking for a "match" so much as I was looking for a new
friend.  I lost my husband tragically in 2007. I did not feel myself
capable of loving again.  When I went on this site initially, I was not looking for a new love. I
wanted a new friend. I wanted someone other than my brothers to take me
out. I asked for a man that could drive an 18- wheeler during the day and
take me for fine dining in the evening. A man that could be not only my lover
but my friend.  Lastly I asked for someone to share my faith with,
and Arrian fits this description to the tee. The past year has been more
than blissful. I have found a man that not only loves the Lord, he
also loves me = ) Thank you for allowing me to ramble. 

Charli & David
I (Charli) met a wonderful man on Catholic Matchhe's everything I prayed for and
more. We started with e-mails then arranged to meet for coffee. Our coffee date
turned to dinner dates, and our relationship has blossomed. Our first date was
June 20, 2009 and we just celebrated our first Christmas together along with
our four beautiful children. Our relationship continues to grow stronger as each
day passes. Thank you Catholic Match.

Kelly & Mike
Mike was the first and only person I (Kelly) have met on Catholic Match. I got
lucky and found my perfect man on the first try. Mike and I met after only a
few conversations on Catholic Match. We could tell from just those few
conversations that we had a lot in common and would at least be friends, if not
more. His sarcastic sense of humor made me feel at ease.

The first date was
perfect. We walked around D.C. enjoying the romantic Christmas setting and just
talking for hours. It did not take long for Mike to ask for a second date (we
were still on our first date at the time). By the third date I was positive
this relationship would be special. Mike’s outgoing personality, intelligence,
and gentleman-like behavior had me hooked. Mike and I have vacationed together
with my family in California and his in North Carolina. We love
going to concerts together or just to the movies. Having the same values and
morals has brought us closer together. Faith is very important to both of us
and it keeps us together when we have our arguments. We have been dating now
for over a year and we have talked about getting married within the next year.

William & Jeanine
Being a Catholic, it was actually hard to meet someone that
shares the same values as yourself. I (William) finally turned to the Internet. I looked
at Eharmony and Match.com and had no luck. Then I thought to myself, I wonder
if they have a Catholic website, so I googled Catholic dating sites. I put up
my free profile, and after about a year I found her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The
person that I have decided to spend the rest of my life with, and I owe all to
GOD and Catholic Match!

I sent Jeanine an emotigram (the free one, since I
was not a paying member, haha). I recieved an emotigram back and she returned a message back. I tried to read the message, but you had to pay. So while I was
at work on the way to Baton Rouge,
I used my phone and paid for a subscription to read my message. My message
said "Hi".

So we sent messages back and forth for about two weeks,
before we decided to meet. We went to see "Public Enemies" at the Hammond theatre. We are
now six months into this relationship and have decided we are meant for
each other. A ring and engagement is coming soon and then a wedding
date eventually. We are both grateful that we both found Catholic Match. If
it was not for this website, we would have never met. This website has proven
that God works in mysterious way and uses anything to bring together the two
people he has chosen for each other!

Joseph & Brigid
Thank you Catholic Match and Almighty God for letting me meet Brigid!!!
Never in my entire life have I felt so comfortable with anyone!!!

Marlon & Alexandra
We would like to share with CM our story. We met on this website on January
2008. We went through the same routine, exchanging emails. I guess at that
point both us were a bit disappointed with the "results" we were
getting from the CM experience…little did we know it was all for a reason.

We finally agreed to meet face-to-face for coffee; it was a Wednesday, a couple
days before my birthday. We met after work at a little Cuban cafe midway
between our jobs. We ended up having a really nice conversation about her
interests, mine, her life, my life. We met again for our first date a couple weeks after that. We had dinner and a
movie, and after that, the rest is history. I (Marlon) started to get to know her
family, and appreciated the Christian values her family displayed.

We got married in her parish on a Saturday (09/26/09) and then flew for
our honeymoon to the Dominican
Republic. It's been four months now, living in
our tiny home, learning to cope together. So on the day of my birthday I just want to present a Thanksgiving to God for
giving us the grace to establish a Christian home, and CM for allowing many
people like us to extend their social network and – God willing – meet their

Matthew & Monica
It was love at first email.  Everything about her was perfect. 
I've (Matthew) never met someone so in tune with her religious side–or that actually had a
religious side for that matter.  Thank you for doing what you do and God

Samantha & Andrew
I (Samantha) thought there were no good guys left out there, but Catholic Match
quickly changed my mind.  I have been with my significant other for the
past 5 months and could not be happier.  Thanks Catholic Match!

Jack & Judy
I (Jack) met Judy after two or three emails. We had agreed to meet for lunch, and on that
day we received two foot of snow. We also agreed to meet without either of us
having online photos at that time. We met the next day for lunch. It was the
weekend before Christmas. We met the day after Christmas and went to Longwood Gardens to experience the holiday
display. We have since done many things together including going to Mass. I have met her son and her parents. We are about 40 miles apart.
I guess it was about 2 weeks after our first contact that we got


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