The Perfect Match


We started corresponding at the end of June '09, both nearing the end
of our Catholic Match membership and unsure of whether or not we wanted
to renew. We both had come from rough previous relationships/marriages
and both had full custody of our young children, and finding that
"Perfect Match" seemed to be more of an idealistic dream than a
potential reality.

At the end of June '09, I (Alessia)
broadened my search to include anywhere along the East Coast, rather
than just within a certain radius of my town. My once-strong roots in
Massachusetts were weakening more and more and I took that as a sign that I needed
to be more open to moving elsewhere. Peter lived in Georgia at that time–and was later transferred to Alabama through his work. I loved his profile
far more than any other in my search and sent an emotigram, and that exchange quickly turned into emails, which turned into
IMs, which turned into long phone calls for hours each night by early

I flew to meet him and his children at the end of August, then
continued to fly down every 3-4 weeks, since I had the more relaxed
work schedule. There wasn't any one particular moment when we knew we
were right for each other. We shared all of the same hobbies,
interests, beliefs, values, and life goals… it was a little too
uncanny… a little too perfect… even our children were the same ages
and it just seemed so natural and so right to be together. Myself and the kids moved
to Alabama in January 2010, so we could live near them and start spending
every day together… and start planning for our wedding. Needless to
say, we are extremely happy! And I have full faith that there really is
a "Perfect Match" out there for each and every person. So to the rest
of you: be patient, have faith, and be open. God Bless!



  1. Carlos-167015 March 14, 2010 Reply

    wow lucky you…I wonder who shares my hobbies as a writer and passion for physical fitness and the environment haha

  2. Carasia-552780 March 8, 2010 Reply

    congratulations peter & alessia – may god bless you both with love and happiness.
    i do have faith that god will bless and help me in finding that perfect match

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