When God Calls You Follow


John and I (Julie) met on Catholic Match in Oct 2009–he was from the state I'm
living in, but on active duty with the Air Force in Hawaii. I grew up on a
military base, so we had something in common right away. I was also impressed that he was the only man on CM I'd met that marked 7 to all of the faith questions,
as had I.

I knew from the first phone conversation that he was very
special and the man God had sent to spend my life with. John and I
have always prayed during every email and phone conversation, which
really bonded us spiritually and grounded our relationship in the

In December, John flew home to visit his family, making
his first stop though to Portland to meet me and my kids.  It was as if
we had known each other forever, and my kids felt the same. I have
dated, and had out of state visitors, so we all had something to
compare this relationship with.  Our take was "let's meet and make sure
we have the chemistry also, which is also very necessary." Sometimes two people are on the same level spiritually, but the other essential
parts are not there. With us, they were. I drove out the following
weekend alone to meet his kids, who are grown, and his extended family.
They were just lovely and very welcoming.  Then John came through again
to meet my parents and best friend, a devout Catholic from D.C.
visiting. They all loved him.

Five weeks, and many phone
conversations later, John flew in again, this time for my school Masquerade
ball. He introduced his children to my family and things went very naturally and well.  The day before he left, we spent
the day alone going mostly to Mass/Adoration. It was during Adoration
that we lit a candle for all that we are and he proposed on his knees
in the church at the Communion Rail looking at the Blessed Sacrament. I
was in deep prayer , so at first it took me a moment to realize what he
was doing. He didn't ask me to marry "him" but rather "them"-looking at
the Blessed Sacrament all the while. It was the most incredibly
romantic moment of my life, and I was unable to leave Adoration, for
I'd never be present there again on the day of my engagement! My

My ring
has three stones to represent the Trinity. John and I are getting married
this summer, all in all just ten months from the first phone
conversation.  When God calls, you follow.  Good luck to all of you,
and be open to going wherever it takes. The Sacrament of Matrimony is
one of great responsibility and honor and you must give God your entire
effort, especially you men, if you are called to it.  Blessings!


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  1. Anna-671172 July 8, 2012 Reply

    God bless you both and your family forever.

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