Montage Of Success


Jesse & Carey

Jesse and I met on Catholic Match. After reading his profile, I knew
immediately, that I wanted to meet him. He is the most patient and kind
man I have ever met. I am happy that we share the same values and
beliefs, and that he supports me one hundred percent. His letters on
Catholic Match showed me how Jess knew what love is. Love is not just a
feeling. I am so happy that God brought us together. We have so much in
common and we are so thankful for Catholic Match for helping God bring
us together. He is an angel sent to me. I have waited my whole life for

Christopher & Kree

We are going to see where God takes us. We both have a great feeling about this however. The irony is we were both palling to remove our profiles before we actually met. Thank God we were too busy to do it then. I like the system of Catholic Match. In fact, my favorite part is asking members where they stand on the 7 major issues of Church doctrine. That allowed me to narrow it down quickly. Thanks Catholic Match and the peace and love of Christ be with you.

Joseph & Wendy

We met through Catholic Match at the end of my one month subscription and at the beginning of hers. We emailed for a little while and decided to meet. Things just seemed to click and we have been exclusive since then. We are open to wherever God might be leading us in this relationship but hope that it continues for a very, very long time.

Cyndy & Gary

We are both widowed and are ready to love again in our lives. We are optimistic that this will work out, we are so much alike. Thank you CM for bringing us together.

Tara & Fernando

I was matched with Fernando and from there we began sending messages and emotigrams to each other frequently. We made plans to meet for coffee and they fell through because I was sick; then Fernando went to see his parents for Christmas and more time went by, but we did not forget about each other. We finally made plans to meet for dinner. From the moment we met in person, it was as if we had known each other for a long time. And from that point, we became inseparable, always looking to be in each other's company. As the relationship progressed, we discovered that we both shared common interests as well as feelings. Our relationship has now become solid and we can't bear to be apart. We share so much love for each other, and have feelings for each other that we have not experienced ever before. We are very blessed to have found one another!

Agnes & David

We met on Catholic Match 5 months ago and things have been going great. We are very much in love and look for more good things to come!

Linda & Michael
I had been on Catholic Match since September and had been dating a few very nice gentlemen, when Michael popped up on my site. It was December 28 of 2009. He, like me, was widowed and he was the first widower I had met on CM. We corresponded for a few days and then talked to each other on the phone. It was amazing how much we had in common! He loves ballroom dancing and although I hadn't done any dancing in years, it was something I always wanted to do. We have been dining, walking, attending movies, etc. for two months and have grown very close. We attend Mass together ever Sunday. My son, who is a priest, likes him very much. This is the first man he has actually approved of (ha). I've been a widow for 15 years and this is the first really close relationship that I've had. It is so wonderful and a gift from God. Michael feels the same way. He has not been widowed long and so we are waiting for a period before we make wedding plans, but we both feel it will be soon. When you are in your sixties like we are, you treasure every moment you are together! By the way, we are taking ballroom lessons and hope to compete someday.Thank you Catholic Match!! Linda

Judy & Jack

I first heard from Jack through an emotigram that he sent to me around the beginning of December. I responded by sending him an emotigram back. About a week later we talked on the phone and set up a time to meet for lunch. There was a big snow storm that kept us from keeping that lunch but we met the very next day which was the week before Christmas. We have been together now three months. A big part of our lives is going to weekly masses together. I am divorced with a child and Jack is a widower. We now are each others support team on our tough days. He has met my family and my son, who is glad that he is part of our lives. Jack has brought happiness back into my life and for that I am forever thankful!

Patrick & Joanne

We met on Catholic Match — followed "the book" as far as lots of e-mails and phoning before we met. I visited her in Memphis two weeks ago, and before I returned home, we had professed our love. We match so well in spirituality, common interests, background. When we came together, the spark was instantaneous.
I'm driving to Memphis for Easter, will enjoy the holiday with her family, then on to a North Carolina mountain resort. Next we'll drive back to Ohio, where she'll visit, meet my family, and become familiar with my life.
We will make permanent plans soon. 

Alfonso & Ivy

Ivis sent me an introductory e-mail stating that we were both too old for on-line automated chit-chat, and suggested we speak. After a few telephone conversation we agreed to a face to face sit-down.
She met my "criteria" as outlined on my c/m page. 40+. Female. Everything else negotiable. Chemistry a must. I obviously met her's as well.
It is particularly interesting to note how parallel our lives are/have been yet our paths have never crossed until now. Perhaps because God did not want our paths to cross until this point in our respective lives.
Tomorrow is in God's hands. The End…


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