Where Faith Meets High-Tech


Where Faith Meets High-Tech

Lissette and I began chatting on-line almost immediately after my
joining CM. I was impressed with her knowledge and understanding
regarding the Catholic Church and its precepts. What I remember most was
her response to me when I questioned her regarding her willingness to
relocate. Her response was that she believed that if a person were to
truly ask Our Lord for a relationship, then it was unrealistic to place
limitations on the distance involved. She expounded and stated that
if her maximum relocation distance were stated to be 25 miles then if
Mr Right were to live 30 miles away she would be foolish to turn that
person away because he was five miles beyond her distance limit. It was then that I realized that this woman was indeed special and that she had a unique perspective on life. It seems
funny in retrospect, I am not sure that I did not do everything
possible to stay away from her as I knew that she was very likely for

We would chat online for hours and often times well into the
night discussing what seemed like everything including the CM women
that I would date on occasion. We very naturally began sending
photos with the text messages that were a constant occurance. The
photos included the magnets and drawings posted on our refrigerator
doors. My collection of "hogs" which some people may call piggy banks
or our latest find at an antique store. She especially liked the
picture of my table cloth of Our Lady of Guadalupe. We soon discovered
that we had been blessed with technology which allowed us to share our
everyday lives at any given moment.

We finally met in person
after corresponding for nearly 18 months, when she invited me to a
retreat sponsored by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. This
was almost eighteen months ago. During the retreat I realized just how
incredibly special this woman was, I had never in my life risen so
early for anything other than to go fishing or hunting much less to
take a walk in the country to say the rosary. Observing the morning
dew during the sun rise as we prayed the rosary made me aware of the
incredible blessing that we were experiencing. By the time the retreat
was over, I knew that I had been blessed with having met my soulmate.

Feeling so sure of this, I tried to kiss her and to my disappointment she would have none of it. I
am not sure when or how long it took for her to allow me a kiss, but
what I do remember is that when she finally permited that kiss, I knew
that we were forever. We began sending each other our favorite songs
on YouTube and dedicating love songs to each other via the Internet. We
have even begun using video chat which makes us feel like we are not
separated by 900 hundred miles and allows us to share our daily lives,
almost as if we are in the same area. We thank God for the technology
which allows us to share each others day. We have also been blessed
with the ability to visit each other on almost a monthly basis.

Thank you Catholic Match! Finding someone who is over 900 miles away would not have been possible without you.



  1. Mary-363093 July 21, 2010 Reply

    Very happy for the both of you. Lissette is a jewel, and deserving of all things good. I wish you much happiness in your future!

  2. Deanne-328308 July 17, 2010 Reply

    Awesome job, Pedro! I'm so happy for you and Lissette. It's nice to see her so happy!

  3. Janet-83198 June 3, 2010 Reply

    Lissette & Pedro—- I didn't know that you two posted a success story! Great job writing it all Pedro!!!

  4. Melinda-536794 May 3, 2010 Reply

    Wow, God can truly work miracles if we're open to it; I hope I am!

  5. Lillian-546692 April 11, 2010 Reply

    Is a beautiful story. I am doing the same thing living everything in God's hands to find my truth love and i know i will. God bless you.

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