Breaking Down Borders


After months of submitting pictures and profiles to a number of websites, I was growing tired and discouraged. I am a prolific writer and would get very few responses to my e-mails and letters. The few people who would write back were either too old or had interests that did not match mine at all. I had personally met with two candidates, but each time the meeting proved a disappointment when they turned out not to match their "most recent" picture by a long shot.

One day, I was looking at the website of the local Catholic Church and found a link to Catholic Match. Before I dismissed it as yet another relationship website, the 13th in a dozen, I realized that with each possible candidate I had been hoping the person would turn out to be a Catholic, like me. Suddenly it seemed to finally dawn on me. Why not simply sign up to this website where most all candidates are probably Catholic or at least Christian? I signed up, posted a profile highlighting my Catholic credentials as well as some pictures showing some religious highlights of my life.

After a short search, I realized the website also linked to Catholics in other countries. I have always been an avid traveller and the thought of a long distance relationship didn't scare me. I started looking into every Latin American country from Mexico down to Patagonia.

About the same time, Cristina was at the time of her life when, after a few unfortunate friendships, she was ready for a meaningful relationship. She had just recently lost her job, located in Medellin, Colombia, so money was not something she was willing let go off easily. Yet, when she saw the Catholic Match ad banner on her Facebook page, something told her this was worth a shot.

As she posted her profile, I was looking at the country Colombia and saw her picture pop up. What is it that make a person say "hello" to one and not to 100 others. I have never figured that out. After that first hello, we wrote to each other several times daily, a few times via the website but after a few days to our own personal addresses. After a week or two, we started up our video-cams and a month later, I was on the plane to Colombia to find out about her life, family, environment and to see if all those feelings were well founded and worth pursuing. I ended up proposing to her in front of her entire family.

Our advice to your subscibers: always be sincere in your profiles, letters and pictures. Know there is a person out there for you who loves you just the way you are, if only she/he got to know you. Give that up and you will be looking for the wrong person and .. you may find her. Stick to your guns and the day you find her will change your life.



  1. Tom-103494 June 11, 2010 Reply

    thats a similar predicament im in, i am in australia and met a girl on here from the usa i dont have any money to vist her but i want to see if ur feelings are well founded like you said, any advice?

  2. Rachel-525100 May 24, 2010 Reply

    The kind of happy ending we all look for…Felicidades to you both!!!

  3. Melinda-536794 May 3, 2010 Reply

    Wow, God bless you both!

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