Love and Chocolate


Tom and I (Janet) began corresponding in October, 2004. We were both
widowed, Tom in 2003, and I in 1998. I was about to discontinue my
membership on Catholic Match, and was going to tell Tom that if we
wanted to continue to correspond, we might consider doing it off the
website. Before I could write to him about this, he suggested meeting
for lunch and trading life histories.

We lived about four hours
apart, and found a new shopping area that had a chocolate shop
advertised. We both included in our profiles among the foods we liked
was anything chocolate. So we thought we should see if our faith and a
love of chocolate could make for a good match.

We met for lunch
and immediately fell in love. (The chocolate shop was not going to open
for another week, so we made a second date!) By Thanksgiving we knew
that we wanted to spend our lives together, and by Christmas we had
selected a wedding date!

We decided on February 12. We
immediately set about taking care of the requirements for marriage in
the Catholic Church. On January 12, Tom and I decided that time and
distance should not keep us from being together. So, in the presence of
our witnesses and our priest, we exchanged our vows. On February 12, we
celebrated our first month of marriage with a family celebration that
brought together our children and grandchildren for the first time.

appreciate the opportunity that Catholic Match gave us to meet and fall
in love. And now we go about the business of living happily ever

May 2010 Update: We celebrated our fifth anniversary in January, 2010, and prepared for Jan to join Tom in retirement in June, 2010. We
have relocated from the Cleveland, Ohio area where Jan was living to
Fort Wayne near Tom's hometown of Kendallville, Indiana. Jan has spent
the last four years as Campus Ministry Director at the University of
Saint Francis in Fort Wayne. We enjoy telling people our
Catholicmatch story and assure them that it is possible that their
soulmate is only a few keystrokes away!  We are the beneficiaries of the good work that Catholicmatch does…it changed our lives. And, by the way, we still love chocolate!



  1. MaryBeth-382377 May 17, 2010 Reply

    Great to read these love stories. Happy for this couple.

  2. Stacia-442905 May 14, 2010 Reply

    Congratulations! I love reading stories with updates because it is nice to see people are still in love and happy after years go by.

  3. Francesco-536245 May 4, 2010 Reply

    well done guys congrats and god bless you both

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