Love o’ the Irish


We first 'met' through Catholic Match in December 2005, when Jessica sent Leo
a smile. She was in Dublin, Ireland and Leo was in London, England at the

Leo replied after one month and they started to converse via the email facility. They gradually moved to ordinary email and continued getting to know each other
via email. After a couple of months, they felt very comfortable conversing with
each other and Leo decided to give Jessica his phone number. The first phone
conversation took place in the Spring of 2006 and God worked in bringing them
closer together. 

Leo decided that it was time to meet, and asked Jessica if that was okay. She
agreed, and they met on the 16th July 2006 in Dublin – a lovely Summer day where they
had the most wonderful time together. As Leo was leaving for the train, he asked
Jessica if she would like to meet up again – she was not sure, as she did not
want to leave Dublin to go to London.

However, after continued phone conversations, they met up again in Dublin and
continued to meet regularly on weekends, with Leo flying over from London. They
grew together in love, thanks to God's plan, and spent the Christmas of
2006 in Leo's home town of Belfast, Northern Ireland with his family – who were
impressed with the woman who captured Leo's heart.

In February 2007, they announced their engagement.

Leo decided to do the honorable (and romantic) thing by moving back to Dublin
to be with Jessica. He was able to do this in September 2007 and they got married
in January 2008 in Dublin. They are blessed with a solid Catholic marriage and are
expecting their first baby in February 2009. 

We just wanted to share our story and to thank Catholic Match, whom God used
to bring us together. When He moves, things happen!

May 2010 Update: After our marriage in January 2008, Jessica and I were blessed with the
gift of a beautiful baby boy, born in February 2009. He is named
Terence José (TJ) after his grandfathers and we are so thankful to God
for him.



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    i am Very much happy and really touching mt heart while i am reading your testimonial .i am very new member on thsi site i cant help my tiers while i am reading , in my Heart Im Happy for Both You i can feel the Love and respect both Your Heart Have Life .God Bless , Always the Love and respect of Both You ,

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    Hmmm, I am so excited after been seen about the truth History of love. Congratulations guys!!

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