Success Stories In Brief


Kelly & Mike
Mike was the first and only person I met on Catholic Match. I got lucky
and found my perfect man on the first try. Mike and I met after only a few exchanges on CM. We could tell that we had a lot in common and would at least be friends, if not
more. His sarcastic sense of humor made me feel at ease. The first date was
perfect. We walked around D.C. enjoying the romantic Christmas setting and just
talking for hours. It did not take long for Mike to ask for a second date (we
were still on our first date at the time). By the third date I was positive
this relationship would be special. Mike’s outgoing personality, intelligence,
and gentleman-like behavior had me hooked. Mike and I have vacationed together
with my family in California and his in North Carolina. We love
going to concerts together or just to the movies. Having the same values and
morals has brought us closer together. Faith is very important to both of us
and it keeps us together when we have our arguments. We have been dating now
for over a year and we have talked about getting married within the next year.

Charles & Pauline
In June 2008 I discovered doing research.  Pauline
discovered at the same time by a small ad in her church (Holy
Cross Catholic Church) bulletin.  She in Florida,
me in Georgia
– neither knowing of the other.  Both searching for something . . . a
'second meaningful love' after the deaths of our spouses.  A few short
emails, several lengthy phone conversations, exploring what we knew
mattered for a long-term relationship, and we arranged for coffee in Florida.  Neither
of us knew what to expect.  Both of us knew in our hearts, based on
extensive conversations, we would be wed.  We knew that before we
met!  That first coffee on 3 July, proposal on the beach in October, wed
on 26 December at our church ablaze with Christmas decorations.  Father
Murphy knew we would wed even before I proposed.  Now, two years down the
road we know God made the right choice for us.  Thank you for being the instrument God used to unite two souls, two
hearts, two minds.  We have promised each other the next 20+ years. 
Each week we read and understand another chapter of 'The Love Dare'. 
After 20 years it's anybody's guess.

William & Jeanine
My name is William. Being a Catholic, it was actually hard to meet someone that
shares the same values as myself. I finally turned to the Internet. I looked
at Eharmony and and had no luck. Then I thought to myself, I wonder
if they have a Catholic website? So I googled Catholic dating sites. I put up
my free profile, and after about a year I found her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The
person that I have decided to spend the rest of my life with, and I owe all to
GOD and Catholic Match! I sent Jeanine an emotigram I received one back and she had sent
a message back. I tried to read the message, but you had to pay. So while I was
at work on the way to Baton Rouge,
I used my phone and paid for a subscription to read my message. My message
said "Hi". So we sent messages back and forth for about two weeks,
before we decided to meet. We went to see "Public Enemies" at the Hammond theatre. We are
now six months into this relationship and have decided we are meant for
eachother. A ring and engagement is coming soon and then obviously a wedding
date. We are both grateful that we both found Catholic Match. If
it was not for this website, we would have never met. This website has proven
that God works in mysterious way and uses anything to bring together the two
people he has chosen for each other!

Jeanine and I are now engaged.  We got engaged on 16 Feb 2010.  By
me finding Jeanine proves that God will use any mean necessary to help you be
with the one he has chosen for you.  Thank You again Catholic Match, I
would never have met the one God has chosen for me had it not been for this
website. I am very happy and honored to be a part of her life.

Jack & Judy
I (Jack) met Judy after two or three emails. We had agreed to meet for
lunch, and on that day we received two foot of snow. We also agreed to meet
without either of us having online photos at that time. We met the next day for
lunch. It was the weekend before Christmas. We met the day after Christmas and
went to Longwood Gardens to experience the holiday
display. We have since done many things together including going to Mass. I
have met her son and her parents. We are about 40 miles apart. I guess it
was about two weeks after our first contact that we got together. After four months were are still dating. We have met each others families,
including her son. We go to Mass together every week, split between her church
and mine. We are making many plans for the summer. She understands that I
recently lost my wife ( 11 months ) and that there will be difficult times for
me and I also understand that she will have special needs as a divorcee.

Mark & Lisa
I had heard about Catholic Match and signed up in the fall of 2005. I wanted to meet a woman with similar values who was decidedly Catholic. For
the next four years I was on and off CM. Then last fall I saw her profile
and sent her an emotigram and an e-mail.  She had not yet joined CM,
but she signed up so we could correspond. We shared e-mails and then
phone conversations for a month.  Although we are both from the
Cleveland (OH) area, we realized were going to be in New Orleans on
separate trips at the same.  So we had our first date there! We
quickly decided to pursue an exclusive relationship.  Things have
deepened over these months and we are now totally in love with each
other!  It is a wonderful gift of our loving God to have found each
other and we are both deeply grateful.  It was such a joy to be
together for all of the liturgies of Holy Week. Along the way I
met many wonderful women on CM.  There are so many quality people on
this site — and I know it has facilitated many lasting relationships. St.
Ignatius Loyola wisely said to "Pray like it all depends on God, but
work like it all depends on you."  Pray and persevere — CM can and
does work!  With our good thoughts and sincere prayers for all; and our
profound gratitude to Catholic Match!

Irma & Jose
Jose and I
communicated a bit via e-mail.  (Jose initiated the communication) 
We then decided to meet at Lesta's, a local coffee shop. I had
tea and he had coffee. It was like magic. He became my knight in
shining armor.  We are now very happy together.  We go to Sunday
Mass together and sit up front. This past December we drove back to the
coffee shop and celebrated our one year anniversary. We do a lot of
activities together and he lets me enjoy my crafts. We laugh a lot and enjoy
watching movies. He tells me that he adores me. We look forward to spending the
rest of our lives together. Thank you Catholic Match

Kathy & Anthony
We were both afraid to join Catholic Match but we did and
communicated for about a month and half and discovered that we had so much in
common!  Then we finally met and it was love at first sight!  Thank
you very much

Isela & Alvaro
Thanks to Catholic Match I found the love of my life. 
I am happy, and treated like a queen. We are a family now, we both take care of
each other, and are happy.

Jason & Theresa
I met Theresa on Catholic Match last spring since then we have been in a
serious committed relationship and wedding bells are in our future I pray and
hope all on here find who God has in mind for them and wish to thank the site
for this opportunity at meeting my missing half. Jason

I would like to thank everyone who created this site. At first I was against online dating, but I see why it's so much better.
I would rather meet someone on Catholic Match rather than meeting someone
in a Bar/Resturant. There is so much you can cover while getting the details first rather than
finding them out later. I did meet someone, and we agreed that we are going to meet. At this time, I wish not to disclose any names, perhaps I would like to say thank you in advance


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