Montage Of Success


Paul & Marianne
Paul started with an emotigram, which I responded to after reading his
profile.  At first I thought "why was he looking for someone so far
away from where he lived?" We emailed through the Catholic Match system for
a few weeks and then moved to our private emails where we would IM each other.
This was followed by texting each other & talking over
the phone.  Within a month we knew we needed to at least meet each
other face to face and six weeks after our first contact I flew to New Hampshire to meet
the love of my life.

We both had the most wonderful weekend together.  Better than I could have
ever imagined. By the end of our weekend together we  knew we were made for
each other. We had dinner with Paul's son & daughter-in-law, a wonderful young
couple.  I think they knew that evening that their dad had met the right
one for his happiness.

Unlimited text messaging, free long distance phone & "free nights
& weekends" plus, "friends & family" plan cell
phones help. Not only are we a Catholic Match & a Perfect Match, we are a PERFECT
fit.  Both of us are truly amazed at how we think and how we are towards
our belief in God and in the church as well as our life together. Thank YOU for making it possible for Paul to invite me into his life.

Aaron & Katarinia
I (Aaron) saw an ad for Catholic Match on the back of my
church bulletin in December of 2008.  I don't know why, but I
decided to start a profile and see if anyone worthwhile was out there.  A
few days after starting my profile, I starting talking to a few people here and
there.  However, nothing more than friends was there.  That really
didn't worry me too much because I wasn't too concerned about finding my
"soulmate."  I always figured sooner or later, if God's will, in
God's time, I would find the right person. I let my
subscription lapse and thought nothing of it.  

Then in May of 2009 I got
an email from a girl named Katarina.  I scanned her profile–she lived
four states away from me, so I didn't think too much of it at first, but I was
wondering if she was really as nice as her profile made her seem to be.
 So I spent $25 to renew my account. She beamed a smile at
me. I sent her a short little message back.  Over the course of
the next few weeks we really hit it off. It was like our souls had known each other the whole time.
 Over the course of the next several months we discovered how much we
meant to each other.  I know this might seem crazy, but we truly feel in love
by just talking and emailing every single day.  Which is uncommon
considering I live in South Carolina
and she lives halfway across the country.  We finally met in person
in March of 2010.  It didn't change anything, it
just reaffirmed how strong we cared and loved each other.  I am
truly blessed to have her in my life!  And I'd be honored to have her as
my wife one day.  She is the strongest and most devout Catholic I've ever
met!  Hopefully someday when I'm finished with college, we can get married.
 The coolest thing about Katarina and I is that we met on May 13th of
2009.  We both agree that that was a sign that Our Lady had her personal
hand in us meeting.  I wasn't looking for anyone, and I trusted in God,
and he sent me the most beautiful and compassionate Angel of all
time!  I could never repay God.  But I can thank him by respecting
and honoring Katarina for the rest of my life!  It just goes to show, if
we trust in God, he'll give us things belong our wildest dreams.

Violeta & David
As for my experience in CM, I (Violeta) would say it was good. I am no stranger to long distance relationship. My late husband and I met
through pen-pals long before the internet. When I got widowed, family and
friends were trying to be kind by matching me up with someone. Sad to say, I
didn't find what I was looking for. My late husband was not Catholic but he
had respected my Catholic faith and had supported me all the way with all
the activities I did in my former parish and anything that had to do with
my Catholic faith. So, this time around if God wills it for me to have
someone new in my life, my 1st requirement will be a Catholic gentleman and
passionate about his faith and live it. I found it in David here on CM.

David lives about four hours drive from me. We're a little bit serious right now,
but still trying to really know each other as much as we can. We try to
communicate by e-mail everyday and sometimes by phone. The only time that we
didn't get to connect was for a whole nine days when I went to Medjugorje
because I didn't have access with a computer, and I was there for a
pilgrimage. For now we are enjoying each other. We try to see each other every
two weeks. He comes down or I go up to where he lives. Everytime we see each
other, we always go to church together.  We share our faith by discussing
what we learned from one another through our faith. So far it's working good.

For now this is my story. The future is in God's hands.

Freda &

Freda: I am so happy that I joined Catholic Match! It has changed my life forever.
That will be happily ever after! After getting a message on a Tuesday we were on
our first date by the same Friday. The rest has been the beginning of a true love story.
We are now engaged and meeting with our priest to make all our dreams come
true! Thank you so much for creating this website to make it easier for those
of us who find our faith so important to find each other. We do live in Alabama and since only
4% of our population is Catholic I don't know how we would have found each
other any other way. Thanks again for being a part in making our dreams come

Darren: For many, many years I had prayed that God would bring the
right woman into my life. I had prayed the same prayer over and over…but
about a month ago, I changed the prayer. I simply told God that I was ready
whenever He was ready. The next day, I had an email from Catholic Match to renew my membership. I
signed up for one month. The next morning, my 100% match was Freda. I messaged
her…we started texting and talking. The rest is an exciting new adventure with an amazing life ahead of us

Michael &

I (Michael) met someone who makes me happy…keep up the good work.


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