Ongoing Love


Elizabeth & Charles
It's taken over 5 years but I (Elizabeth) finally got around to telling everyone our success
story. Thankfully it's not just my story but my sister's as well. Having found
her now husband within a few months, she told me to join the online hopefuls. I
did, and after a couple of failed attempts I finally found my true soulmate. He
just happened to be in California.
So after months of long visits, phone calls and daily emails we had enough to
decide and make the move. I moved to California
and we were married a couple of months later. I now have my beautiful
children, Bernadette age 3 and Vincent age 1, as testemony to our ongoing love.

I'd like to dedicate this to my sister who's anniversary also
happens to be The Feast of The Sacred Heart of Jesus.

To all Catholic Match hopefuls: I can say that if not for this
site not only would I have had a difficult time finding a good Catholic but I
would not have discovered what it really means to be Catholic. Be ready to ask
all the important questions and keep a open heart about yourself, what you want
and your wonderful faith. 

Sandy & Martin
Thank you CM for introducing us.  We are now a happy couple with a
large and loving family. 

We had a long distance relationship for about 6 months.  We communicated
every day through CM, IMing, texting and phone calls.  Sandy visited NE several times while Marty
and Trace would take trips down south. 

In June 2009 Sandy
moved to Nebraska to give the relationship a real try.  She found a job teaching in a Catholic
elementary school.  We had a wonderful summer which included a
visit to the Maryland beach.  As a couple, we decided to get married in September 2009.  We set the date
for 12/18/2009.  What a wonderful and jouyous evening!

We have been able to merge Sandy's life and
family from Amarillo, Texas
and Marty's family from Nebraska and Maryland.  We are
now a large group of happy and loving people. We have recommended CM to our friends as a source of meeting wonderful single
Catholic young people. Please continue to pray for us in our long life together.

Kevin & Kerry
Kerry and I (Kevin) met online last year just one day after Easter.  I knew
just from her pictures that she was a very special person.  Not to mention
the fact that kids covered her photos from top to bottom.  I lost count in
one photo, but I found out that cousins were included.  When I asked her
how many kids she had, her reply was six. Simple and matter of fact.  Of
course I started laughing and told her I had four.  That was our
start.  Now with God's will she will move to California to make a new start

The road has not been an easy one.  We have both done a great deal of
discerning about each other and mostly what is best for our children. I know
people have different beliefs as what is best after divorce, but we have truly
thought of countless issues. Please pray for us as we continue to move forward
with our hopes and dreams.

She has requested permission to leave Indiana and has a court date set for June
10th.  I know it may seem unfair to her ex but he has some difficult
issues to work out and Kerry and I will provide a loving home to all our
children. Her kids will return every Christmas vacation and for a much longer
summer break.

Sharon & Mark
Mark and I met on Catholic Match sometime, we believe, in early October of
2008. On June 18th Mark and I knelt down to pray the Rosary together in front
of the statue of the Blessed Mother in St. Cecelia's Church where we, on our
first date, went to pray the Rosary together on Jan 2. 2009. After praying the
Rosary together on June 18th of 2010 we prayed the Novena to Our Lady of
Perpetual Help. As we knelt in front of the tabernacle containing the Blessed
Sacrament to leave, I then got up and he did not. I turned to see an engagement
ring in his hand and he asked me to marry him. I dropped to my knees and
proclaimed yes three times and hugged him. 🙂

Jenna & Jeremy
Jeremy and I found each other on Catholic Match four days after I signed up.
After about a week of emails and a 4-hour long phone conversation, we decided
to meet. Our first date was supposed to just be coffee and ended up with
dinner and a drive around town. We really enjoy going to Mass together and that
is very important to both of us. We live a little over an hour apart so we
mostly spend our weekends together and our time together is very special. We
have now been together for 6 months! Thank you Catholic Match. It is wonderful
to love and grow in our faith together!

Albert & Maria
I (Albert) met her on Catholic Match. She is the woman of my dreams and she rocks my
world. This is the one for me and I thank Catholic Match, with all its good benefits.
and will move on with my love, Maria.

Mary & Charles
We liked each other's profiles and have a lot in common. We met for coffee, then met a few of
each other's family members and friends and everything seemed
compatible.  We would never have come across each other if we had not been
on CM. 

Peter & Patricia
Pat and I met in July 2008 after contacting each other on this site. 
We developed a wonderful friendship and soon found that  common interests
and spirituality made ours a wonderful match.  We got engaged on
October 23, 2009 and will be married on July 17, 2010.  We have indeed
found true love and happiness and have been wonderfully blessed to have come
together through Catholic Match.

Tom & Elaine
We actually met in the "real world" about 5 months before we met
on Catholic Match.  After we met on Catholic Match we got to talking and
realized just how much we had in common.  We are now on the path to a
joy-filled marriage with God as a centerpiece of our relationship!

Forest & Lauren
We met through Catholic Match.  She started emailing me when I was
deployed to Iraq. 
We met in Savannah, GA
after I returned to the US and have been dating since March 2010. 


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