A Marriage Built On The Rock


Laura and Michael built their relationship on the Rock of Faith

Michael and I starting corresponding In July of 2007. We were both divorced and Michael had already been granted an annulment. I was in the process of working on my annullment. I really was not interested in meeting any one in person but I enjoyed corresponding with Michael and others. I was VERY careful about not giving out ANY personal information. Michael did not know which parish I belonged to or my phone number or address.

I had begun attending the Traditional Latin Mass offered at my parish earlier that summer. It was offered at 3 PM on Sunday every Sunday. I really felt it was a very ‘God’ centered and beautiful Mass. I atttended Mass with my children at their school Mass twice a week, and then took the children to Vigil Mass each Saturday evening. I then would attend the Traditional Latin Mass each Sunday at 3 PM. I saw that Michael liked the TLM but his parish was about 20 miles away and offered exclusively Latin Masses said by The Institute of Christ the King.

One Sunday in late September, I was attending the Traditional Latin Mass as I did each week at 3 PM. Keeping in mind, Michael had no idea which parish I belonged to or where I lived within St. Louis.

I was sitting near the rear of the church when I loooked up before Mass started, and I saw a man who lookede like the photo on Michael’s Catholic Match profile. After Mass I waited a bit in the parking lot. I saw the man that looked like Michael exit the church, not knowing if it was him for sure or not, I said in a medium toned voice just one word, a question, from about twenty feet away, ‘Michael?’

The man turned toward me and looked up and astonished. He paused for a moment and then said ‘Laura?’

We met and shook hands. Michael explained that he had overslept that morning and had missed the 10 AM Latin Mass at his parish and so he knew there was a TLM offered at my parish and come that day.

I still did not give him any information on where I lived . He emailed me via my Catholic Match account and asked me to attend First Friday Latin Mass at his parish the next Friday evening. I agreed to meet him in a parking lot of a local gracery store adn we did attend First Friday Mass at his parish.

We continued to attend the TLM, First Friday Mass never missing one in over a year. We grew more in love with eachother. We spoke each night on the phone and prayed a Novena to The Holy Family and The Memorare each night over the phone together. We started each day with praying over the phone The Hail Mary and My Queen and My Mother. We attended every First Friday Mass and every Mass we had a chance to attend toogether. We made Christ central to our relationship.

It ended up that I discovered Michael lived about one fourth of a mile, literally right across the river that was below the bluff I lived on and up the hillside. He could see my street and some of the homes on it from his front yard! We lived in two seperate counties seperated by a river, but a very small distance as the crow flies.

We introduced my four children to him before Christmas 2008. Michael is the oldest of 5 children, Over the year 2009 I had a chance to meet his family and parents, all who lived in Virginia and New York, twice. Michael came from a beautiful Catholic family, a lot like my own family.
Michael proposed to me after The First Friday Mass in the Fall of 2009. My annullment was granted in November 2009. We were married on July 9th, 2010, at St. Mary’s Church in Alton, IL. My great grandparents were married there in 1898, my grandparents in 1931, and my parents in 1960. Michael and I represent the fourth generation of my family to be married at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Alton, IL.

Both sets of our parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries this summer. My parents were married in 1960 on June 11th and Michael’s parents on August 16th, 1960. Our wedding was right in between the two 50th wedding anniversaries. So at our reception we also celebrated both sets of our parent’s 50th wedding anniversaries!

All of our close friends and families came in from all over the United States to attend. We were married in a Nuptial Mass with much in Latin. The priest who said the TLM at my parish and sometimes at Michael’s parish said the Mass. He has become a dear friend.

I was praying to God for a miracle, being left with four small children to raise on my own, I said to God, I need a miracle, and I do not know which miracle I need, so please send my the miracle according to your will. I feel God sent me Michael, and Michael says that I am his miracle Godsend. We continue to start each day praying The Hail Mary and My Queen and My Mother together, and each night we pray the Memorare and The Hail Mary together. We make our Catholic Faith central to our relationship. We feel SO Blessed that we found each other!


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  1. Marian-885268 April 9, 2013 Reply

    The Marriage built on the Rock. What a wonderful story, unreal and so fortunate for the both of you. Know Michael’ s name, but not seeing her name in the story. She writes it and is not mentioned…! funny. Think it is a story to write a book about it and so catholic too. People can learn a lot from your experience !! Marian, thanks.

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