Beer, Sex & Marriage: The Keys To A Long Life?


Heavy drinkers outlive non-drinkers, new research suggests.

A recent Time article created quite a stir when it revealed that moderate drinkers (those consuming one to three drinks a day) had a longer life expectancy than non-drinkers.  In fact, the study actually concluded that even heavy drinkers lived longer than those that never enjoyed a frosty cold beverage.

It appears that the stress reduction and the social connections generally associated with drinking may help explain the findings. If your social life includes chatting with friends over a glass of wine or enjoying a few beers with friends at the baseball game, then you may find this news quite encouraging.

However, you may have even more to look forward to in your quest for a long, enjoyable life. If your path leads to a life-long marriage, you could really add some time to your golden years.

According to Scott Haltzman, M.D., of Brown University, “mortality rates are 50 percent higher for unmarried women.” And the news is even better for men:

“The health benefits of marriage are so strong that a married man with heart disease can be expected to live, on average, 1,400 days [nearly four years] longer than an unmarried man with a healthy heart,” says Haltzman.

Now, if you really want to live a long and happy life, there appears to one final ingredient that you’ll have to add to the mix.  You’ll need to have happy, fulfilling sex on a regular basis with your spouse.

Mark Stibich, Ph.D., explains that having more sex may increase how long you live.  Sex releases several hormones in the body, increases intimacy and bonding, and works against loneliness and depression. Staying sexually active has physical, stress relieving, social and mental benefits.

We can thank medical research for unlocking the keys to the modern fountain of youth. And a formula of a healthy marriage, fulfilling and frequent sex and a regular dose of social drinking is one that many of us can follow with a smile…for many years to come.



  1. Geysha-696950 March 12, 2011 Reply

    I share the same thoughts with Nicholas259754.

  2. Nicholas-259754 March 10, 2011 Reply

    Interesting how a site that offers Catholic singles the opportunity to live this vocation with quality spirituality, while providing them avenues to meet that “special someone,” posts an article that mentions how “happy, fulfilling sex on a regular basis” leads to a long and happy life. Where is God and a proper understanding and view of sex in the mix of this article?

    What other qualities besides regular sex could we consider adding to the mix that contribute to a long and happy life? Could we add God, solid communication, praying together, attending Mass, patience, understanding, mutual respect, awareness, fidelity, listening, honesty, trust, encouragement, and honoring our wife’s/husband’s personal dignity? Limit, remove, or compromise one of these essential qualities of a happy and viable marriage and the regular sex that this article mentions (which is very presumptious and tends to objectify women and the act), will become an irregular foray into nothingness.

    What happens when the “regular sex” isn’t regular anymore because the wife or husband becomes sick? It’s during circumstances like this when alcohol becomes a coping mechanism and an escape for those who cannot bear or understand these painful realities. Alcohol and regular sex are not the panaceas that lead to health, longevity, and happiness. The research and studies that this article mentions fail to include how alcohol, even in moderation, leads to negative consequences, e.g., driving while intoxicated, compromised judgment, lowered inhibitions, and date rape.

    The tragedy of this article is that it does nothing to promote the ideal of marriage to a society that is in desperate need of it.

  3. Cathy-564420 March 9, 2011 Reply

    So, a couple cold frosty Miller Lites are good for you – SWEET, LOL. Actually, socializing with friends and family during happy hour or during the holidays is pretty relaxing I must say.

  4. Robert-435781 March 7, 2011 Reply

    Cheers to all. And everything in moderation.

    • Jim-658099 March 7, 2011 Reply

      Our Holy Father Benedict enjoys wine or beer daily! Hopefully in moderation. I lost my wife to alchoholism but feel respect and moderation with drinking is still possible.

  5. Tim-145391 March 5, 2011 Reply

    Just gives you more to live FOR! 🙂

  6. Roseanne-557920 March 4, 2011 Reply

    How about “Red Wine, Sex & Marriage”? Beer smells like carbonated urine.

    • Tim-145391 March 5, 2011 Reply

      Maybe you need better beer? There are tons of different ones out there.

  7. Jesse-463958 September 12, 2010 Reply

    Drinking is one of the most ridiculous things in society. I don’t know how or why they would even mention that as a benefit to life. Sometimes I think journalist just make up articles with out interviewing anyone at all.

    I’m strait edge for life.

  8. Kathy-555815 September 12, 2010 Reply

    I guess celibate priests have to be concerned about the study results

  9. Kathy-555815 September 12, 2010 Reply

    I guess my single women friends do not have much time to live. Your article does not encourage me to hurry up and find a man. I’ve seen other studies that point out that daily alcohol intake can lead to medical problems such as damaging the liver.

    • Marilyn-699488 March 12, 2011 Reply

      For me,alcohol heavy drinker is not good for the health especially when it becomes a bad habbit because it causes lung cancer and it will leads u to death,,,As my father drinking heavily almost 3 to 4 times a week is really really not good because he began to be abusive in the sense of talking in unappropriate words to my mom,,,he disrespect other people when his drunk,,so i think i do not like a man who drinking everyday with alcohol…..about sex im single and a woman can live very long even if no sex at all,,,but a man cannot live without it is their primary needs in their life…Thats belong to a married couple only…

  10. Patrick-606389 September 12, 2010 Reply

    In short, primary focus the article, just seems inappropriate for a site designed to encourage to singles to have relationships which lead to a lifelong marriage relationships in Christ. If the article had noted sex in marriage relationships only, as opposed to a caveated insert that would have been interesting – but its argument is clearly centered on sexual fulfillment and alcohol consumption.

    It is old news that alcohol has medicinal value in moderate doses. Unless the study also tracked the health of celibate nondrinkers or celibate drinkers I question it’s veracity as a measure of longevity.
    In the end, the article does not support marriage and it certainly does not support marriage forged in the context of intimate relationships forged in an interactive communion with Christ.

  11. Kath-534314 September 12, 2010 Reply

    I don’t think the study is addressing the “drinking” in a relationship when the guy drinks EVERY day (without fail) and drinks between a minimum of 5 to 12 beers a day! There isn’t any relationship! Altho he deludes himself there is. He can’t remember anything I’ve said! He can’t remember that we agreed to get together tomorrow a.m. (before the drinking starts)! to get to see the sober him (which is a thoughtful guy) but after a few hours, he can’t stay away from the alcohol – not just 2 or 3 beers, that would never cut it (it would for me), but he’s onto 8, 10, 12!

    So, I can’t “fix” this, (tried everything for years, now) although he professes to love me til the end of time! ?? What’s a girl to do? Struggling with what God wants me to do (love my neighbor, but dump the alcoholic?)…?

  12. Joanne-118501 September 12, 2010 Reply

    So what does it say for a 50-something year old, non-beer drinking, unmarried woman? Don’t buy any green bananas? If this blog is supposed to be about the single life, it is rather depressing. lol

    • Maria-453115 September 17, 2010 Reply

      I agree Joanne…never have liked to drink alone.

  13. MaryAnn-13412 September 10, 2010 Reply

    I certainly can relate to these statements. Looking back to a happy and fulfilling time during my marriage (now annulled), I really felt I was at the peak of my well being physically, mentally and emotionally (not to disregard financially). I believe I will once again experience this state of health, if I hope, pray, ask and believe in the plan Our Heavenly has formulated for me.

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