John Mayer Quits Twitter – Would You?


Stop the presses! John Mayer, the notoriously single singer, has deleted his Twitter account, abandoning 3.7 million followers. Whatever will they do?

According to Yahoo’s music blog, Mayer expressed frustration with the rapidly-growing social network, saying, “I might as well spend that time making a sandwich or building a model ship or something.”

If you were to quit Twitter, how would you spend that time? What spiritual practices might you increase? Have you ever been tempted to quit cold turkey? Ever taken a hiatus? What keeps you tweeting?

Of course, there are countless tales of post-Facebook glory on the web. “Put ‘Why I Quit’ into Google, and the search engine proposes you look into both ‘Why I Quit Facebook’ and ‘Why I Quit Church,'” points out The New York Times’ Virginia Heffernan. Could there be an inverse relationship between Facebook usage and church involvement?

It’s imperative that singles, who tend to have a little more web-surfing time, stay on guard against social-media addiction. Just ask the Holy Father, who noted that “if the desire for virtual connectedness becomes obsessive, it may in fact function to isolate individuals from real social interaction…”

How do you find balance between the web and real life?

2 much txting?

Speaking of high-tech addictions, weigh in on our texting poll.


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  1. Kevin-45953 September 14, 2010 Reply

    Thankfully I have always refused to use twitter, viewing it a sign of all that is wrong with society. :p

    Part of what keeps me “grounded” I guess you could say is I drive 35 minutes to Church. During that time, I use it to catch up with family, friends, etc. Reminds people of a life outside of facebook. 🙂

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