Learning From The Nano: Market Yourself Like Apple


Yesterday Apple unveiled its tiniest product, the iPod nano. As you would expect from a $230 billion company, the advertising is slick.

The tagline, “a new way to nano,” appears alongside four thumbprints – orange, pink, blue and green. And just like that, Apple has you.


Never mind the $149 pricetag.

Apple’s sophisticated marketing has been credited for hypnotizing consumers. Some say fans will buy an overpriced Apple product before they understand its utility.

Wouldn’t you like your CatholicMatch profile to have the same allure? Take a page from Steve’s MacBook. Heed the 6 Cs and you’ll be racking up emotigrams like nobody’s business.

1. Comedy

A little humor goes a long way, as Apple’s commercials starring Justin Long prove.

2. Conciseness

Keep it short and sweet. “A new way to nano” says a lot in 13 letters.

3. Color

Apple’s ads are bright and energizing. We are also drawn to positive profiles, vivid color and big smiles.

4. Continuity

All of Apple’s ads tie into a central theme and convey a distinct style. Apple’s products even sound alike. iPod. iPad. iPhone. iTunes. iTV. Ay caramba! Likewise, the various elements of your profile should be cohesive, building on one clear message.

5. Confidence

Apple knows its products compare favorably with PCs. Know what sets you apart and articulate it with a quiet confidence.

6. Cost

Apple products aren’t known for being cheap, but they are known for being high-quality and virus-free. Your love don’t come for free.


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