You May Be More Saintly Than You Think


Question Your Faith Like a Saint

You would be hard-pressed to find a more admired and holy woman than Mother Teresa of Calcutta. There is little doubt that she is on her way to Sainthood, and she has already received the title of “Blessed” in our Church after one miracle was attributed to her intercession. Her canonization is currently awaiting confirmation of a second miracle.

Blessed Teresa would have celebrated her 100th birthday last month, so her incredible ministry is gaining renewed attention around this occasion. Her legacy of work in the Church is long, and her Missionaries of Charity remain an incredible force for good works in the name of Jesus.

It seems that Blessed Teresa was given such clear direction from God, and her vocation must have been known from birth, right?

Actually, this was not the case at all and she encountered deep struggles with her faith.  She felt at times that God had abandoned her, and she certainly did not see a clear and visible path laid out for a life of service in His name.

As a Catholic single, you may struggle understanding what call God has placed on your life. You may even question your very faith at times. When you encounter such difficulties, know that you are in good company.

In fact, you may even want to ask Blessed Teresa for a little help along the way.  I bet she would understand exactly how you feel.



  1. Anna-671172 November 19, 2012 Reply

    During those hard times this lovely and courageous saint found the strengh she needed by apporaching Our Lady. She was the light of her spirit during those hard times. She says Our Blessed Mother was her constant companion during those hard times of doubt and struggle. She found comfort in the Holy Rosary just as John Paul ll did.

  2. DionysiaDamayanti-497168 September 28, 2010 Reply

    Actually our lives are full of uncertainties. But the promises of GOD will be fulfilled because GOD never lie. We need faith for this. We who still live in this world have to rely on our faith. Mother Theresa already sees what she once believed through her faith. Mother Theresa ever told, GOD doesn’t want our success but our loyalty especially through our difficult times. Mother Theresa has proved her loyalty.

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