October Baseball: A Remedy For Single Life Stagnation


This past weekend, I sat for an extra moment after the final out was called at Target Field. The home team may have lost, but much opportunity lay ahead now that the regular season had closed.

Ask any baseball fan about their favorite part of the lengthy season and the vast majority will respond with two simple words: October baseball.

It’s an exciting time to be a baseball fan. My roommate and I have cheered together as we each have secured tickets for several of the home playoff games.

My co-workers and I have chatted more each morning as the playoffs approached. Even my parents, who are far from sports fans, recently remarked, “What a fun time for Twins fans!”

The excitement in the air is almost tangible. No matter what team you follow, root for or cheer against, the whole country seems caught up in America’s favorite pastime, watching history be made.

I’ve welcomed this new-found excitement with open arms. It’s so easy to become entrenched in the nine-to-five work day, complete with the same commute and bag lunch. Habits become routines, and it’s nearly impossible not to slide into a sense of complacency when each day seems to roll into the next.

As Catholic singles, it’s even easier to become stagnant when we’re waiting for the right person to enter our lives.

But October baseball, just like any high point in our lives, does not come by itself: 162 games were played before the playoffs began this week and not every game ended with a dramatic strike-out or walk-off home run. Our everyday experiences build upon each other and lead to those moments in life where we wish time would stand still.

No matter how far my Twins advance into the playoffs, I hope to carry that excitement with me in the days and weeks to come. Today, no matter how dull or monotonous, is a gift from our Creator, so throw on your baseball cap and cheer on the One who blesses us with a little October-baseball excitement every day.



  1. Jacqueline-198 October 15, 2010 Reply

    Life is like a baseball game, we can bemoan how the team is doing or we can step up to the plate and PLAY BALL!! (just don’t try connecting a CM Mets fan with a CM Yankee fan! LOL)

  2. Marie-606363 October 12, 2010 Reply

    October baseball is without a doubt the very best. It is a long season with many edge of your seat moments, but the rewards of a “Winning Team” keep hope alive. Go PHILLIES…….

  3. David-635002 October 11, 2010 Reply

    One thing I DON”T like about October baseball is the long wait in between series’. It didn’t used to be that way as they used to start each series as soon as both teams have been determined, much the way the NBA now currently run their playoffs. MLB pretty much played 162 regular season games with only a scattering of 21 off days throughout the entire season, but as an example of the New York Yankees, they won their series with the Minnesota Twins last Saturday and will not play again until Friday. Almost an entire week off. Given the fact that the series between the Rays and the Rangers will be determined tomorrow night, (Tuesday) There should be an advantage given to a team that wins its series in less than the maximum games in a series, the Yankee/whoever series should be started no later than Thursday. Giving the team that wins its series early and thus allowing itself to set up its starting pitching and rest its bullpen would be a huge advantage and always had been that way in the past, prior to the advent of the wild card team and realignment of the leagues.

    I understand that money drives all decisions in sports today and the TV revenue generated by the two networks that are now carrying MLB playoffs. It has become a sad day in sports when the MLB playoffs games and times are determined by which days are weakest lineup schedule days on the FOX network.

  4. Eileen-532088 October 10, 2010 Reply

    I enjoyed reading your post, too. It is been a roller coaster ride for me as a fan of the Giants; both over the years and this past week. Yesterday’s game was tough to witness in person. But the fan experience was awesome. I always cheer for the Bay Area and hope the Giants pull. Regardless, I’m completely wrapped up post-season baseball, no matter who’s playing. Let’s play ball!

  5. David-635002 October 9, 2010 Reply

    I really enjoyed reading your post and couldn’t agree more. It almost made me feel bad the my Yankees swept your Twins….lol (note that I said almost). Anyway, the series moves back to Yankee stadium today where Phil Hughes will get the start. I would be worried if it was AJ Burnett, but Phil has been a very productive pitcher for the Yanks this year so I am expecting a sweep. (sorry)

    Anyway I am planning a trip to go see the Yanks play the Twins next season at Target field as i was unable to do so this year. That really looks like a nice field.

    Good Luck!!!!

  6. Nicole-549147 October 8, 2010 Reply

    As a fellow Twins fan, October baseball has been more akin to the struggles of being single than the hope of the future. But great post nonetheless.

  7. Dan-119032 October 7, 2010 Reply

    Great post Jessica. Sorry it wasn’t a better ending for the home team, but that whole stadium looked like an electric place to be when I was watching it on TV.

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