Couple Orders Surrogate Mother To Abort Downs Baby


This is one more example of why it’s not a good idea to pretend to be God…when you’re not actually God.

A couple from British Columbia, Canada, have been embroiled in a complex ethical battle after their surrogate refused their request to abort the fetus she was carrying. The couple made the request after tests revealed the baby would likely be born with Down’s syndrome. Although the parties had entered into contract, legal proceedings were not brought by the surrogate who, in the end, decided to have an abortion due — in part — to her own family obligations. [bionews]

Oh, the tangled web we weave. What is a surrogate mother to do when the biological parents of the scientifically engineered human life inside of her decide they want to end the life of their child because it isn’t good enough for them? Such a sad story.

No matter how well intentioned many of its advocates may be, in vitro fertilization or IVF — where a scientist impregnates a woman, including surrogate mothers, with a tiny human life — is a byproduct of our utilitarian, consequentialist, selfish mindset. We want children the way we want them. We want them when we want them. We want the exact number of them that we prefer. And when we get one we don’t like, we just send her back (i.e. kill them). All in the name of a thing called love. We are sick.

Our combination of IVF (babies-on-demand) and abortion (killing-on-demand) is proof that, in a world controlled by selfish brats, beggars can indeed be choosers. It’s also sick proof that we’ve got our priorities and morals all mixed up.

God help us.



  1. Greg-635530 October 25, 2010 Reply

    Here they are playing God again There is birth control that works for years and regulates a woman period to just four times a month instead of monthly
    Sorry to say I think if it was my child I would accept as a bless from God In fact Thing the surrogate mother should carry the unborn child full term
    I like to share something I argue with my first wife in having her tubes tied and aborting my youngest son Because of those decision we later divorce. I raised my youngest until I married a second time
    Glad to say it is the best decision I ever made for my youngest is my best friend

  2. Theresa-458398 October 17, 2010 Reply

    First of all, I teach Preschoolers with severe handicaps. Most have Down’s syndrome. I love each one and see so much they can teach our world. They are misunderstood wonders and very special people. Second, I fought Kaiser Hospital when I was pregnant. They insisted on the amniocentices that “predicts” Down’s Syndrome ( there is a failure rate of misdiagnosis and a .003% chance of causing premature birth/abortion using this testing method.) What they don’t tell you is there is no guarantee the results are accurate. They also do not advise mother’s that there is no reason to take this test but to abort the pregnancy. They also fail to mention that their prime reason for predicting a condition such as Down’s is that they are medically liable for the continued care of the child without any “preexisting condition clause.” That means, these medically fragile children cost more to care for then they ever can collect from their parents in insurance premiums. The only reason they do this is $$$$. SICK! I declined the test on religious grounds. I was told if I did not submit to the test, they would not cover the cost of my child’s birth. At about 4 months pregnant, they made me stand before a panel of Kaiser medical managers and personnel to defend my position. I “won,” but I know many others would just submit. In my studies for Special Ed., I heard a seminar on Students with Down’s children in education. In it was the most horrifying, true story. A perfectly normal fetus was pierced in the skull by the amnio needle. Now, the child has permanent brain damage and is mentally retarded. We must stand up for our faith and the unborn! Do not be complacent any more. End this lie today!

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