Self-Employment Memo: Too Busy To Blog (Or Date)


Here at CatholicMatch, we have an editor. She’s a lovely lady who stays on top of the news affecting us Catholic singles. Every now and then she’ll send an email to the blogging staff with an interesting article prompting one of us to write about it; the first one to respond to her gets it.

A few weeks ago, she sent out an article from The Wall Street Journal about a new – or at least new to me – phenomenon called “Singles Week,” and since I had yet to pounce on one of her bright ideas and I was feeling a lack of them that day, I quickly responded to her, promising to write an amusing blog about my spin on singles week.

Singles week was three weeks ago.

What happened? Oh, yes…I got busy. Not busy volunteering. Not busy working for world peace. Not even busy trying to find a boyfriend. I got busy with the biggest busy-cliché of them all – work.

When you’re a freelancer, work can often be a feast or famine situation, so I usually don’t complain when I’m busy. But after letting my blog commitment slide for so many weeks – and letting the once timely topic of singles week go to waste – I started to think about what else I’ve been letting slide because of my career.

My last boyfriend mentioned more than once that he thought I cared more about clients than him. Rather than acknowledging this as a possibility, I always just assumed he was too needy. But now – many months after the end of our relationship – I have to admit, he may have had a point.

I like to think that I usually have a good handle on the whole work-life balancing act. I try to make time for my family, to go and get my nails done, and to watch a bit of mindless television to decompress. But if my dating life is any reflection, I’m clearing not making enough time or trying hard enough to do so.

But it’s not like I’m alone. A lot is supposed to happen in your 20s and 30s. You’re supposed to build a career, buy a home, find a mate, start a family – all of which require a large amount of time. And with all my peers checking those big to-dos off at a rather rapid pace, it feels like I may have been rather negligent. All I have to show for all this time is a fairly successful business and a recently purchased home.

Successful? Maybe.

Alone? Definitely.

So what am I going to do about it? Sure, it seems like my busy work life has prevented me from having a real life (and blogging life) as of late. And I could make some grand statement about how I’m going to reprioritize – make more time for checking off more of those life “to-dos” before it’s too late. But the cold, hard truth of it is: I love my life. Just the way it is.

Sure, it’s been hard watching all my friends pair off and get married, but it’s not like I lay awake at night worrying about when it’ll be my turn. In fact, I’m a pretty sound sleeper. I think that comes from the fact that I am so at peace with my state in life – busy, behind or otherwise. I don’t want to ever look at life and it’s experiences as a race – as things you have to reach in order to be fulfilled or to be able to move on to “what’s next.” I want to love and enjoy what’s happening now. Even if it is work.

So out of respect for my editor and her ideas (and my fellow bloggers who may want to write about them!), I’m taking myself out of the running for those story prompts from now on. Because who knows what I’ll get busy doing next. Hopefully something blog-worthy!

(P.S. For those of you who were interested in the Wall Street Journal article on singles week, you can read the full story here.)


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  1. DionysiaDamayanti-497168 October 22, 2010 Reply

    I can understand that some busy people will not have enough time for a social life. But it is not impossible to meet friends and even a special one who can change the life. Above all, we can ask for help to GOD through our continuous prayer.

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