Foosball Fury: A Company Head Who Rolls Up His Sleeves


I’m probably as close as there is to a CatholicMatch lifer.

Back in my single days I was member number #2874. I worked in the Zelienople, Pa., office for three years, met my wife on CM and now work off-site as a freelancer. There are many things that make the CatholicMatch experience unique, both as a user and as an employee.

Let me pick one example to illustrate this.

For at least a good year, the lunch hours at CM headquarters were dominated by ferociously competitive foosball competition. Strategies and techniques were discussed and analyzed with the same intensity that Joe Paterno might bring to the intricacies of the spread offense.

I’d like to tell you that I excelled at the competition, but there are people who participated reading this blog who would call me out. I don’t believe I won a single game.

One participant, our esteemed co-owner Jason LaFosse, went so far as to order DVDs explaining how to improve foosball performance. I joked that he should change the pronunciation of his last name to have a long o so it would sound like foosball.

Alas, the game caught up to Jason and eventually his wrist had to go in a wrap having been overworked at the gaming table.

Imagine the lunch hours of a Fortune 500 company being dominated by such activity, and there you have the contrast between CatholicMatch and corporate America.

And you can see why I’m proud to be affiliated with CatholicMatch.



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  1. Jacqueline-198 October 13, 2010 Reply

    Hey it’s Dan the Admin Man!! At least that’s what we used to call you back in the day!! Dan you give this ‘lifer’ much hope seeing that you have found your other half on CM!!

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