From Late-Night Chats On CatholicMatch To Med School


To be young, in love and have the world at your fingertips….

Everyone’s greatest ambition is Mike and Allison’s life right now. They are a perfect example of how a couple’s complementary nature brings out the best in both of them. Mike’s passion for science rubbed off on Allison and inspired her to become a doctor. Meanwhile, Allison brought her ambition to the relationship, the desire to aim for big things in whatever you do.

It’s led Mike to decide that, after teaching for a few years, he’s going to go to medical school. They both plan to go to podiatry school in Chicago over the next two years. And given that this is CatholicMatch, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out one more thing: They plan on getting married in that same timeframe!

Great things don’t happen without taking some chances, as any successful person can tell you. With Mike and Allison’s relationship, the chance taken was pretty modest: a one-month subscription fee to CM.

They had each joined the site as free members, when Allison, after looking through profiles on her first day, stumbled on what looked to be a romantic goldmine. “Not only were his looks to die for, but his profile showed he had humor, a sensitive side, and a love for God,” she said. She sent Mike a smile emotigram and prayed for a response. To her delight, one came in return, and she quickly upgraded to a full subscription.

To make sure Mike knew of her interest, she used the chat feature to try to run him down. He got the point and quickly took out a full membership of his own. They worked the graveyard shift together, chatting from midnight to 5 a.m. before finally deciding it was time to meet.

Today, they pray together daily, offering thanks for their many blessings, especially each other. But their willingness to open up and learn from each other shows that finding God’s will means cooperating with the opportunities he gives. And that’s what turns ambitions into blessings.


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  1. Jason-626881 November 8, 2010 Reply

    Hope to one day share of a similar story with the love of my life, Betty Lucas Koi. I think we have a really good thing going, thanks be to God.

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