Washington Single Mom Recently Joined CatholicMatch


When Stephanie-618506 joined CatholicMatch last month, she immediately warned potential suitors that her ethnic heritage makes for a fiery mix.

“I am Puerto Rican and Irish,” her profile begins, “which has created an outgoing, fun, adventurous, excitable personality.”

The 37-year-old account manager from Vancouver, Wa., said she joined “because I wanted to meet other Catholics with the same faith base.” Having that camaraderie has been rewarding for the single mom. “My faith has grown in not feeling so alone in meeting others,” she said.

Stephanie enjoys working out, eating Greek food and praying the Rosary. She attributes her well-rounded personality to a “diverse upbringing,” including a large extended family. Her grandmother became a nun after raising 11 children and being widowed.

All these influences shaped Stephanie into the woman she is today. “I am sincere, honest, thoughtful, straight-up, committed, funny, entertaining and strong,” she said.

Just as clearly as she knows herself, Stephanie knows what she wants in a partner. “I’m looking for someone who is charismatic, patient, honest, thoughtful, committed to their faith and willing to try anything new.”

Gentlemen, do you fit the bill?



  1. Maurice-435658 October 11, 2010 Reply

    Hello Stephanie, just through your smile, I can tell what kind of warm personality is yours, I am not Irish neither Portorican, but I grew up in Africa, where people have such warm personality, we usually in joking ” We don’t have anything, but we can share everything….” , Welcome in the family ..LOl


  2. Kathy-555815 October 7, 2010 Reply

    Welcome. We all are very proud of our personalities that we acquired from god through our parents.

  3. Jacqueline-198 October 7, 2010 Reply

    I was dating an Irishman and being Puerto Rican myself, I’ve often joked how interesting our kids would be with that kind of combination!! Now that I’ve ‘met’ Stephanie, I can find out first hand! Welcome aboard hermana!!

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