Poll: What Gifts Have You Harvested On CatholicMatch?


It’s harvest season, a time for taking stock of the blessings in one’s life. We couldn’t help but ask our members to chime in.

What gifts and graces have you harvested on CatholicMatch?

“I have netted the gift of friendship and a deeper understanding of people and of our faith.” –Kolette-525999

“Knowing there is an online community of Catholics with the same interests.” –Anthony-639119

“In CatholicMatch I have found a wonderful community of faithful single Catholics and have made many great friends through participation in the forums and attending events like CM-Holy Hill, where I am this weekend!” –Michael-76823

“I’m grateful to CM for providing me with a wonderful man and an absolutely amazing spiritual support network, without which I don’t know how I would have carried my crosses.” –Megan-21150

How about you?



  1. Chris-461926 November 26, 2010 Reply

    My name is Chris, me and Jenny have been matched on CM and we are grateful. I will visit her overseas this December and we are planning to be married in 2011. CM provided us with an appropriate format for getting to know eachother and express our interests. Knowing that Jenny felt similar about her faith gave me confidence and helped to nurture us toward a sacramental marriage. We are very happy.

  2. Michael-596737 November 25, 2010 Reply

    Thank you CM, as I am truly thankful. A young lady came into my life, through CM. I know she was sent by God, and we will continue through the years to help me grow and experience life together.
    I want all others to be as fortunate as I have been, and don’t give up the challenge. Catholic Match does work!

  3. Gianna-569105 November 24, 2010 Reply

    It’s not exactly what I expected…but I’ve made two new incredible friends on Catholic Match over the past four months! Granted, there was no “chemistry” for romance sparked…but it’s been such a blessing to watch how God has used this Sacred Space to be able to share our spirituality with like-minded believers in this beautiful faith tradition of the Catholic Church. It’s truly amazing how God has worked and IS working through Catholic Match… how He chooses to “prepare” us for whomever He plans to bring into our life!

    My hope is that by next Thanksgiving I can write, “I’m thankful for the opportunity of finding that someone special with orthodox Catholic views who is the perfect fit for me and my Big Fat Italian Family!


  4. AnnMarie-609553 November 24, 2010 Reply

    This pretty much says it all! Not easy, but I am aspiring to have in my life!

    “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, and confusion into clarity…. It turns problems into gifts, failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing, and mistakes into important events. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”
    ~ Melodie Beattie

  5. Glynne-385398 November 24, 2010 Reply

    I have gained incredible friendships and a spiritual support system that I never expected.

  6. Carlos-167015 October 31, 2010 Reply

    maybe the Guiness record on most online dates. Do I get paid for such a record? lol

  7. Barb-505508 October 30, 2010 Reply

    After the loss of both my husband and my son, I wasn’t able to listen to the music I enjoyed as it brought back too many painful memories. Then a couple of weeks ago, I ran into someone on CM who also enjoyed my favorite singer/songwriter. We chatted a lot about his music and life and then it happened! I turned on my music after a 6 year absence and it was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard! Thank you CM for bringing the sound of music back to me!

  8. MaryEllen-298977 October 26, 2010 Reply

    I have harvested many blessing through CM. Through the forums I have made an ever expanding group of friends that are and will be life long friendships. The friends I have made through the forums have seen me through some very dark times and I thank God everyday for placing these incredible people in my path because along with God carrying me through these trials these amazing friends also carried me through with their prayers and emotional support. I know, without a doubt, that I would have come through the last few years a broken person if I had not found this site, these loving friends, and through them the full power of God’s healing grace. I have gained a deeper understanding of my faith through this wonderfully supportive and spiritual Catholic community. I met the sweetest, most respectful, Christ filled man I have ever known. With whom I am building what I know will be an incredible future. I have been truly blessed and all of this would be missing in my life if I had not found CM. I even believe God had his hand in guiding me to this site, but that is a whole other story.

  9. Joan-352637 October 26, 2010 Reply


  10. Kathy-555815 October 25, 2010 Reply

    For me, it is Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

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