Can You Hit The Top 10? Tech Team Rolls Out Catholic Trivia


Faith without works is _______?

A) Cheap
B) Fun
C) Dead
D) Alive

Obviously the correct answer is C, and if you like trivia and love your Catholic faith then we have a treat for you! CatholicMatch is happy to provide its members with our newest feature, Catholic Trivia, a game that pits knowledge of the faith against the clock. Members can play weekly, answering questions related to the Catholic faith. Questions are divided into 11 categories, including: vocabulary, liturgy & tradition, church history, signs & wonders, saints & angels, sacred scripture, faith & morals, The Vatican, geography, literature & culture and popular culture.

Each question is worth up to 1,000 points with difficulty ranging from easy to very difficult. Once a question is presented, a 10-second timer begins its countdown, reducing potential points as it ticks. If you are skillful (or lucky) enough to answer correctly, any remaining timer points will be awarded and appended to your overall score. In the case that there is an error – yes, we do make errors – with a specific question or answer, players can easily submit a report inline as they play.

Players may answer up to 40 questions per week beginning on Monday. The leaderboard shows current and past rankings of players. Anyone making it to the top 10 will be showcased in the top 10 winners’ circle.

Our hope is that Catholic Trivia will allow our members to increase their knowledge of the Catholic faith while building a healthy competitive spirit within the CM community.



  1. Therese-668052 November 26, 2012 Reply

    It is not easy for not very well English speaking. Rank 75. I will keep trying! It means I will keep learning 🙂

  2. Sue-906387 October 27, 2012 Reply

    I am work in progress. I know thru God’s help I will make more progress at the right time~!

  3. Brian-252799 April 29, 2012 Reply

    Ill make it to #1 someday.

  4. Ada-733579 April 22, 2012 Reply

    I hope to be in the top 10 one day, but I know it will be very hard to beat the winners. Anyhow, I enjoy the game and I am learning a lot.

  5. Christine-581504 April 17, 2012 Reply

    Boy, when it comes to the Trivia game, I’m ashamed to say … I did not do well at all!

  6. Jude-651369 January 29, 2012 Reply

    Its a nice quiz.

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