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Sue and Thomas had an adventurous first date that has led to romantic success on Catholic Match

Success is blossoming on Catholic Match. Thomas & Sue, who survived an adventurous first date, are just one example…

We met on Catholic Match on December 27, 2009 for the first time via e-mail. We spoke on the phone on December 28, 2009 and on January 1, 2010 we met for the first time in person at a neutral location. We enjoyed each others company so much that we spent 7 hours together on the first date. It was a very cold night in Minnesota and we ended up crawling through the hatch back of the vehicle due to the locks freezing. Eight and a half months later we are still together and growing stronger each day. We value that each of us is Catholic and we now have someone special to attend Mass with on the weekend. Our faith is very important to our relationship and we believe that God has put us together and He continues to bless us on a daily basis. We hope to marry someday, but there is no date set.

After several months of being on CM, I found Camie as a new member and introduced myself. Our senses of humor matched and meshed so well that I knew I had wanted to meet her. We found a restaurant that was exactly 75 miles from each of us and met there for dinner. While there are no plans for marriage yet, we both have like ambitions and goals. We have stopped looking for anyone else, and we each feel very comfortable with one another.

I had emailed a few people on Catholic Match, I had met with another person for a few dates, which did not work out. Then I conversed with Mary for about one month before meeting her. Once we met, it was obvious that we would be together for a long, long time. Every aspect of our being connected. So I want to tell you all that there is someone out there for you, keep trying. While the profile gives insight to a person, it does not reveal their full personality… so read between the lines, and follow your heart.


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