The Instant Connection


CatholicMatch success stories…

Stephen and Heidi
Stephen and Heidi found each other on CatholicMatch after just two weeks on the site through an exchange of emotigrams. “There was an immediate connection, one that I had not had with anyone else”, Heidi recalled. The emotigrams turned into long e-mails, chatting and, given the eight-hour drive time between them, some Skype-ing. It would take three months for their first meeting, but those initial months laid the groundwork for a relationship that is now on its 8th month. They see the success of their relationship as proof of the importance in putting oneself out there and then trusting in God, for we never know what He has in store for us.

Christina & David
Christina and David were another couple for whom there was an instant connection. Their respective profiles showed how much they had in common, ensuring the interest would be immediate. After meeting in person, their instincts were confirmed and they both freely acknowledge being deeply in love with one another. Their commitment to each other is exclusive and they believe they have found lasting love.

Paul & Hope
They aren’t formally engaged yet but it seems that is only a matter of time, as they talk of marriage and family in their future. They are taking it slow, but patience should not be confused with any lack of dedication to each other.

William & Jeanette
They come from Florida and Minnesota respectively, and William was against the idea of long distance. Like others before him though, he opened up for the right person, and after spending time getting to know each other with e-mail and phone calls, they are confident their coming face-to-face meeting will bear positive fruit. And, like others, before them, they’ve found that shopping for the right cell phone plan is a sound practical step for anyone in a long-distance relationship.

Luke from Massachusetts contacted CatholicMatch with a simple sentence that summed it all up—“I’m married to an amazing woman I met on CatholicMatch!” Congratulations Luke. And congratulations to Stephen and Heidi, Christina and David, Paul and Hope, and all others who are seeking their spouses on CatholicMatch. As Stephen and Heid’s story reminds us, when we put ourselves out there, we allow the hand of God to work actively on our behalf.


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