Walking The Journey Of Hope


Michael and Teresa are finding hope with each other after long previous marriages.

Throughout the CatholicMatch world, couples are developing relationships and hoping they lead to engagement. These five couples are a part of that journey of hope…

Michael & Teresa
Michael and Teresa each came from previous marriages that lasted twenty-plus years. They’ve found comfort in being able to talk about their shared past, their shared present and now their shared future. They are taking things slow, but according to Michael, “…everything seems so right. I have fallen in love with her.”

MacKenzie & Tony
It was two years ago that MacKenzie and Tony found each other on CatholicMatch. They lived three hours apart and kept their relationship on a platonic level. Eventually the chemistry between them was undeniable and their shared faith was a sure and steady foundation on which to build. “I love Tony with all my heart”, MacKenzie said, “and I would do anything in the world for him.”

Julie & Chris
Julie and Chris are making a habit of closing up the restaurant with lengthy dinner dates. “There are times I cannot run out of words to share or stories to tell”, Chris said…”Is this my own little miracle in the making?” They see their new relationship as the means to celebrate life and having a partner that enhances it.

Kenneth & Jean Marie
Kenneth and Jean Marie are a long-distance couple, 1400 miles apart, and enjoying watching their relationship develop from afar and preparing for their first face-to-face meeting. “With her four children at home and my three children at home the first visit will be a question?”, Kenneth told CatholicMatch. What Jean Marie has brought O Ken is hope, something that’s he’s sorely needed in the five years since his divorce. Whatever the future holds for Kenneth and Jean Marie, they are good for each other as they walk the road of healing.

Vincent & Kathleen
It took Vincent less than one month on CatholicMatch to find Kathleen. They clicked online, they clicked in their first phone call and they clicked in person. And they didn’t waste time—“We went from CM messages to e-mail and to a phone call all in one night”, Vincent said. A two-our plane ride separates them, but texting, Skype and a lot of plane tickets have kept them going. They are looking forward to changing the distance problem and moving their relationship forward.


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